Lifestyle Story: Run, girl, run!

BONAIRE, GEORGIA – Most people talk about drinking coffee in the mornings to help them wake up and get their day started, right? Not Johnna Royal Jackson, age 39.

Johnna likes her coffee black, and “I usually drink it before I run or nothing at all.”

Running in this sense for Johnna is in a marathon or a practice run or a fundraising run. The married GEICO software analyst and mom started running in 2012.

“I ran some playing tennis in middle school, high school and college, but I really got interested in 2012 when I decided to get healthy,” the Bonaire resident said. Johnna calls Cochran, Georgia her hometown.

“When I met my husband, Jarrod, it was something we both enjoyed,” she stated. “I run about two to three miles a day for about five days a week.”

She said, “After I run, it is amazing. It is the best feeling when you finally see the finish line.” Johnna told The Murphy Gazette that “I have been in many, many races. I can’t even count.” At the time of the interview, she was preparing for a 5-K run the next morning.

“I placed second in my age group for one … I am pretty slow, but since I started, I have cut my mile time down from 14 minutes a mile to about 10 minutes and 30 seconds a mile,” she explained.

Johnna enjoys running around St. Simons island in Georgia, and really looks forward to races at Disney World. “I guess my favorite is the Star Wars Rival Weekend at Disney World. All the races I have done at Disney are amazing.”

When she is running, you will find her wearing her favorite shoes – On® performance running shoes, and a pair of Bombas ® socks. “They are awesome for the way that I run.”

One of her favorite things about running and working out has been the friendships she has made. “I work out at Orangetheory in Warner Robins … it’s half cardio and half weights … we run there, and a lot of us sign up to run races together.”

“Everyone is so encouraging and helpful. It is amazing how the sport of running can really improve so many aspects of your life,” Johnna said.

She concluded, “Running is truly the best therapy, and it is never too late to start.”



Author: rlhwrites

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