Feature Story: The Singing and Dancing School Principal

Angela Fitzpatrick

MARSHALL, TEXAS: Angela Fitzpatrick stands tall among many favorite teachers and school administrators in the Marshall Independent School District.

And with good reason. Not only is she a favorite among her own elementary school staff, but she is loved by her students, their families and others across campuses in the Marshall ISD.

Called personable, nurturing and just a “real down-to-earth” person, Angela is not someone you will forget, and this writer’s pretty sure, she won’t forget you either. Not to mention, Angela has a voice of an angel when she sings, and is requested for special events in churches and community. Angela also loves to dance, and could be spotted dancing in the hallways or gymnasium of her school during assemblies.

Angela has been singing since she was five years old. “I began singing in church – so no lessons. I was also in choir from middle school to college,” she said. “I do sing at work. I like singing. I like to dance just as much as I love to sing.”

She is is just one of those people that you can’t help but be glad that you know.

Married for 18 years to Curtis with four children, Angela graduated in 1994 from Marshall High School, and later attended Wiley College, earning her bachelor of administration in criminal justice and received her masters in education from Letourneau University.

Prior to entering the education field, Angela worked hard in service to others. “I wanted to do something to be with my family during the summer, and I quickly realized that education was my calling,” the 14 year veteran educator told The Murphy Gazette recently.

It was her daughter’s kindergarten teacher who helped guide her steps. “Melanie Woodley inspired me to be a teacher,” Angela stated. “Dr. Lara Cavin kept telling me I was going to be an administrator after she watched me bury my mother and start school a week later.”

Her staff can attest, Angela is not one of those behind the desk type of administrators. “I was taught not to ask folks to do things that I wouldn’t do. I don’t like sitting behind a desk. I love to be active and get involved,” she said.

The biggest benefit for her in education is “touching lives of my students, their family and the community. Our students are our future. I want to see every student grow academically and socially.”

When asked about her influences musically, Angela said, “I don’t have a favorite singer, but I listen to Fantasia, Anthony Hamilton, India Arie, Criset Michelle, Mary J. Blige, Prince, Babyface, Johnny Taylor and Willie Clayton.”

She said probably the most unique place she had sung before “was at the rodeo. Singing at my daughter’s wedding was the best.”

After being asked if there was one place she would like to sing, and hasn’t, Angela said, “I’d love to sing at a Texas Rangers’ game. I have a cousin that has sung there several times.”

In thinking of advice to give potential educators, Angela thought for a moment. She then said, “You must love what you do. If you don’t, get out of education. We are faced with many obstacles, and only those that love it can overcome them.”

Then, Angela concluded, “And always do what’s best for the students.”

Angela Fitzpatrick – the singing and dancing principal – now that is a good news story. Don’t you think?



Author: rlhwrites

Curator of prose and such.

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