Feature Story: It is all in the name

ONLINE SURVEY: Someone once said, “Life is more fun when we name it.” Maybe that is the big reason we name our plants, our beds, our teddy bears, our computers, our phones and our WiFis. When something appears to be tangible, it implies there is a story there or a character, right?

Just like when we name our cars. Car naming is not something new, and giving a nickname to your car is not new. Giving your car a nickname is not a page-turning news story in reality. But honestly, it is intriguing. You wonder why and how the nickname for your uncle’s Ford truck, Colonel, came about. Remember the special Beetle car, Herbie, that entertained us all on the big screen. Always wondered how they came up with the name, Herbie.

There is even a special day – October 2 – for “Name Your Car Day.”

In preparation for these day, this writer asked readers of The Murphy Gazette, and asked if they had named their cars.

Ramona Giles of Georgia said, “We have three cars … Red, White, and “Sally” … Sally’s the Mustang. It’s just easier to identify them that way. My husband might say, ‘I’m taking Red to get an oil change,’ or ‘White needs a good wash and wax.'”

John Crowe, also of Georgia, laughed, “I’ve called a couple of mine names when they broke down and I had to work on them… but better not post those names..haha!”

Bobbie Duke of Texas stated,” I have a Toyoto CHR that I call Charlie. I don’t think I’ve ever named a car before this one.”

 “Our 1977 Ford Stepside is Ole’ Blue,” Catherine Guyton, of Georgia, commented.

Gina Howell added, “My little Volkswagen’s name is Janis after Janis Joplin. Janis was a free spirit and lived by her own rules, a true hippie at heart.” The Georgia girl added a few emojis.

Stephanie Myers, of Georgia, answered the question. “My Pilot’s name is ‘Ruby’ and my daughter’s Dart is ‘Jarvis.’ My husband refuses to name his truck.”

Denise Wood calls her Georgia Lexus IS “Lexi.”

A California reader, Melissa Kuiper said, “I have two vehicles. My car is ‘My B _ _ _ h,'” and my Tahoe is ‘My Beast’. “

Celebrate today as Name Your Car Day, and add a little giggle in your life. Have you named your car? Share your name of your car in the comments below.



Author: rlhwrites

Curator of prose and such.

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