FEATURE STORY: LaGrange daughters make holiday pizza for 28 years

LAGRANGE, GEORGIA: The countdown to Christmas 2019 started for some people the day after Christmas 2018, but for most of us, in particular, those in the retail business, Christmas 2019 began before September ended.

With 85 days until December 25, preparations are already starting for the holiday. Folks are shopping. Folks are planning decorations. Recipe cards are being pulled out. Vacation days are being set.

And in the home of Frank and Pam Pruett in LaGrange, conversations are being shared about some of the family’s favorite traditions.

One of the family’s favorite traditions centers around homemade pizza.

Pizza at Christmas? Pizza is not normally something one would think of as “Christmas” food, right? Oh, but it is.

Pam and Frank have a household of daughters, and this particular tradition, involves four of them – Leslie Pruett Sims, Casey, Frankie and Addie Pruett and some cheese, pizza dough, pizza sauce and whatever toppings they decide on.

According to Pam, “No matter what, every year, the Sunday following Thanksgiving, we put up our tree … never missed a year.”

“When Leslie was younger, putting up the tree was a little bit difficult as you had to string lights before you could anything else,” Pam said.

Little hands sometimes needed to be distracted. “So, we decided to let her make her own pizza while we got the tree ready to put the ornaments on.”

As the family grew, Pam added, “we continued the pizza making tradition.”

She said, “We have been at it now for almost 28 years, and we always take a picture making the pizza.” (See pictures including on this page. Credit to Pam Pruett for photos.)

When asked about the importance of the tradition of the pizza making is to the family, Pam turned to her youngest daughter, Addie, age 19. “I just asked Addie how important this tradition was to her, and she asked me why. When I told her I was being interviewed, she said, ‘Whew, I thought you were going to tell me we could not do it this year, and I was going to cry.”

Traditions create positive memories. Traditions help bond us to those we love.

What are your traditions? Comment below.


Author: rlhwrites

Curator of prose and such.

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