Feature Story: Marshall mom talks twinning

Jenny and the twins taking a selfie.

MARSHALL, TEXAS: If you ask Jenny Kerr if there was one myth about twins she would debunk, she would say, “The number one myth is that all twins look alike.”

“My two look similar like any brother and sister,” Jenny told The Murphy Gazette. “Even as babies, they clearly looked different than each other.”

Jenny and her husband, Kenneth, are proud twin parents of a girl, Anika and a boy, Aiden. The twins are very active in school and extra-curricular activities. Both Kenneth and Jenny are very supportive and encouraging of their children’s interests.

“Our twins, being fraternal, are just like any other brother and sister in most ways,” Jenny said.

She continued, “My son is significantly taller than my daughter and most people assume he’s much older. While they will argue and annoy each other, they will have each other’s back when needed.”

“They also seem to be more patient than other kids their age,” Jenny explained. “They learned early that they’ll have to take turns. But, we also make time for them to be individuals whether that’s supporting their individual sports interests or separate Mom time shopping and Dairy Queen.”

“I’m a very scheduled person by nature. So, our lives have always had a schedule and routine,” she said. “When the kids were babies, I’d write down who ate when because when two babies are crying and I’m exhausted, I wouldn’t be able to remember.”

Jenny said, “Everyone thought I was over the top – until the time a relative, who thought I was nuts, couldn’t figure out why one baby kept crying.”

“After that experience, everyone got on board with my ‘silly’ system. Now that they are older, we have a calendar with all of the family’s activities,” she added.

Jenny concluded, “If something’s not on the calendar, it probably won’t happen. We have a menu hanging on a wall so everyone knows what we’ll be eating all week.”

In offering parenting advice, she said. “The biggest piece of parenting advice I have is don’t listen to parenting advice.”

Jenny stated, “Everyone does their own thing. What works for me might not work for someone else.”

Coming from someone who has witnessed Jenny, Kenneth and the ‘Wonder Twins’ in action, what they have got going on really works.

(c)Photo/Jenny Kerr

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