Feature Story: Pulaski Co. family has unexpected outside guests

Junior the Fox (Kim Hanna/Photos 2019(c))

HAWKINSVILLE, GEORGIA: When you live in the country, especially in east Texas or central Georgia, near a wooded area, you can expect to see a variety of ‘wild animals,’ like rabbits, deer, all sorts of squirrels, and such.

Kim Hanna, being an outdoor person, an avid hunter and fisher and animal lover, has seen a little bit of it all. In the last two years, though Kim, who owns and operates Jus’ Kuttin’ Up Graphics and Apparel, started noticing the wild animals were getting a little brave around her house.

“I have seen deer, possum, raccoon and foxes,” she told The Murphy Gazette.

While playing outside in her fenced-in backyard with her German Shepherd puppy, Kim noticed a female fox sauntering through the clearing near her yard from the woods surrounding her house. “I nicknamed her ‘Foxie Loxie.’ She would come through everyday, and seemed to be really curious when we would be playing in the backyard.”

“She would always show up in the afternoons, and watch us play fetch,” Kim said. She noticed that the fox was very curious of the German Shepherd.

According to Kim, the female fox “would get as close as 10 feet from the fence. She had a litter of three pups which I only saw once.”

“But one of her pups, who I named Junior, stayed. He got so used to me being in the yard, that he would get within five feet of me at times,” she said. “Junior would come through sometimes during the day.” Kim has cameras, and she sees him often on them.

She explained, “His routine has changed up within the last five months, so now he only comes around dark.”

Goldilocks the Raccoon(Kim Hanna/Photos 2019(c))

A little over a year ago, Kim noticed they had a new visitor outdoors. “I noticed a raccoon one evening limping across our yard. She made her way to the outside cat bowl,” Kim said. “I could see her from inside my front door, and noticed what looked like a broken foot.”

“I made sure she had extra food to help her out while healing,” she stated. “After a month or so, her foot was getting better, and I could tell she was heavy with babies.”

Kim calls the raccoon, ‘Goldilocks,’ and has been able to video her and share the videos of ‘Goldilocks’ eating on the porch several times on her social media account.

“She continues to come everyday, but I have seen the little ones only one time. Goldilocks only eats what the cat eats, and I make sure she has plenty of water also, because of the drought we have experienced here for the past couple of months.”

One of the oddest things, Kim says she has experienced with the animal visits is “a photo of the fox, the raccoons and the cats all eating scraps at the backyard camera. It was a night time picnic.”

Kim would encourage anyone who comes in contact, as she and her family have, with ‘wild animals’ to “always keep in mind they are wild animals, so respect them and give them space.”

“Don’t try to make pets out of them. Educate yourself about them, and make sure you find the beauty in all of them,” she concluded.

There is good (news) in everything if given the chance, don’t you think?

Foxes outside. (Kim Hanna/Photos 2019(c))

(c)Photos Kim Hanna(2019)

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