Business Story: Waskom business proves to be second to none

WASKOM, TEXAS: Second to None Fabrication in Waskom is celebrating its fourth year anniversary. The success of the business is credited to Brad Fitch and his wife, Stevi, owners.

“My love for creating something customer, and working with metal and customers and paint is what inspired this business,” Brad told The Murphy Gazette. “I always struggle with explaining to people what type of business Second to None Fabrication is.”

Second to None Fabrication

“I am a jack of all trades per say and nobody has asked me to do anything yet that I couldn’t do. We make a lot of business signs and such, home decor and personal gift items for military and First Responders- that is our bread and butter,” he said.

Thinking for a moment, Brad said, “Our business is different than most I think – first due to our quality of product.”

“We go above and beyond to make a flawless and high quality item and most importantly we ask a lot of questions and communicate heavily to the customer to make sure we are on the same page,” he continued, and added, “and that we are doing our best to bring their dream and vision to reality, and if they don’t have a vision we do our best to help them envision something awesome.”

Brad said, “The favorite part of being a business owner for me is seeing something we created just light up the face of the customer or bring them to tears even because they are just overly full of joy and happiness and that happens a lot.”

He added, “The freedom is also very nice, but it comes with a heavy responsibility versus getting up and going to a typical 9 to 5.”

“We provide both … a need and a want to our customers. We serve other businesses who may need interior or exterior signage for their building as well as make home decor and personalized gifts for all occasions,” Brad commented.

“I have had the typical tragedies in my life that most have in theirs. I can’t say that there has been anything good or bad that would make me have empathy for others,” he stated. “I will say, and I don’t know if this applies, but when I lost my job prior to starting my business, I, like most in that situation, had no idea what I was going to do for sure, but I knew I was tired of being treated like a number to a big company, and helping someone I didn’t care for make money hand over fist.”

Brad said, “I decided to take that jump and start my own business after that door closed, and I have no regrets and don’t look back.”

He stated, “I will tell anyone who is in the same position, if you have a skill or something to offer in any kind of way, don’t hesitate too start your own business.”

Second to None Fabrication supports its community. “I feel it is important to give back to your community, if you can because it feels good, and it helps everyone and makes the world a better place … I know that’s so cheesy, but it is true.”

“Within our first year of business we had product in all 50 states. We give and do a lot across the country for military and First Responders,” Brad said. “We donate product monthly in some form or fashion both locally and abroad to help raise money for all kinds of situations.”

For Brad, it is simple. “That is what doing good business is about, and taking care of the ones who take care of you.”

An inspirational quote for Brad and everyone at Second to None Fabrication is a good one. Brad said, “Our quote and motivation is from Aristotle, and it’s basically. ‘quality is not an act, it is a habit.’”

He concluded, “If you are in the habit of doing everything with quality, it will come second nature, and you even have to think about it.”

And that is the truth.

Click here to find Second to None Fabrication on Instagram, and click here to follow them on Facebook. Their phone number is  (903) 742-5883.


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