Business Story: Dodge man adds a little PC and more to your life

Justin Lowry

EASTMAN, GEORGIA: Justin Lowry is well-known in Dodge County as a man to go to when you have computer or technical issues. It is a “role” he has held since he launched his computer service business.

Married with children, Justin is the “owner/CEO/whatever title at Lowry’s PC Services, LLC. … a position I have held since 2010ish.”

Justin told The Murphy Gazette that he “fell into my career. I got into computers, because it was the thing to do in the early 2000s.”

He added, “Then I started my own business, because I was laid off and couldn’t find a job. I saw an opportunity with satellite internet so we started adding that to our services. I saw the need and knew I could make a difference in my area by providing internet.”

“Things went south with that company so I channeled my inner-Hannibal ‘to find a way, or make a way,’ so, we started our own service, Country Connect! It runs on cell towers and has no contract. We’ve been very pleased with this offering.”

When asked if there was something he could teach others, Justin laughed. “I could teach you the parts of a computer, and I could show you how to change an iPhone screen.”

In reflecting on his definition of ‘hope,’ he explained, “I don’t think about hope a lot, to be honest. I always tell my business associate ‘hope is a terrible business plan.’”

Justin concluded, “I think about faith when I think about hope-faith in a higher power, confidence in yourself and your product or service.”

“My day is really boring,” Justin said. “I spend it on the phone mostly. We’re a two man show here, so I teach Michael, my oldest son, how to do repairs.”

He continued, “I answer the phone for repairs or internet sales. I keep up with Quickbooks ®, am constantly having to learn about new devices, and what changes Facebook ® is making to its advertising policy.”

“My hands are so full with my business and home life that I don’t have much time for anything else,” Justin said. “I strive to maintain a work/home balance, because family life is very important. I enjoy watching football and cooking.”

In working with the public, he stated, “I feel that it has given me more patience with others in that field. It costs nothing to be kind. Kindness is not a weakness.”

Justin laughed, and said, “I think everyone at sometime or another should work with the public. I think that should be some sort of mandatory service.”

If he could pick a quote or poem or saying that influenceyour worlds him, Justin said that might be “the whole poem of ‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling.”

He continued, “I just believe in the Golden Rule. I believe in treating people with kindness, and not robbing them of their dignity or humanity … sometimes, all someone needs to do is to listen. Don’t offer advice. Don’t speak just to fill the silence.”

And that says it all – good news, good dude, good business practices. Click here to find out more about Justin’s business.


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