Business Story: Central GA seniors are happy ‘at home’

At Home Senior Living in Cochran, GA

COCHRAN, GEORGIA: Early in 2019, an assisted living site was launched in Cochran. Called “At Home Senior Living,” the facility is located at 147 S. Sixth Street.

Shanna Dupree, executive director, talked with The Murphy Gazette (The Murph) about the home. Please see the below question and answer session for Mrs. Dupree’s answers.

The Murph: What is the purpose of the business?

Shanna Dupree: Our purpose is to provide a compassionate and safe environment for our seniors who have tirelessly given of their time and talents to our community. We want to feel like home. Our tagline says it best … ‘Embracing people with love and compassion.’

The Murph: Explain the difference between At Home Living and a nursing home.

Shanna Dupree: AHSL is an assisted living facility. This means we assist with activities of daily living. Our residents also require some level of mobility to assist with exiting the building in case of emergency.

A nursing home is able to accept residents who have no mobility and require total assistance to complete activities of daily living.

Activities of daily living include bathing, dressing, feeding, meal preparation, etc.  The greatest difference in us and a nursing home is we are not allowed to provide skilled nursing care in our community. If a resident requires this level of care, we must partner with home health or hospice to provide this need. If that partnership cannot meet that need 100% of the time it is required, the resident is not a candidate for assisted living care.

The Murph: How many rooms do you have?

Shanna Dupree: We currently have 16 memory care rooms that are occupied, 16 assisted living rooms that are occupied, and six of our eight independent living apartments are occupied. Our newest addition includes another 16 assisted living rooms., and 13 of these new rooms are reserved for move-in as soon as we open.

The Murph: How many employees do you have?

Shanna Dupree: We have 31 employees and have five more positions we are actively filling to get ready for our addition opening.

The Murph: Why did you decide to come to Cochran with the At Home Senior Living facility?

Shanna Dupree: You will hear us often say ‘It’s a God thing!’ Glenn (Sawyer) had a vision he saw come to reality in Kingsland and Douglas.

His vision became his passion in Cochran. The calling never strayed far from his thoughts. This was actually his second location in Cochran that was picked out for At Home. 

Again, that’s a God thing. We were told by others in the industry and by a market study that AHSL just wouldn’t work in our small town of Cochran. God said “watch this!.” He has proven himself faithful that if we follow His will and calling on our life… He will provide.

The Murph: What do you offer the residents besides shelter, meal and assistance? What kind of activities?

Shanna Dupree: Compassion and socialization are two of the areas most needed by our population. Many of our residents were home alone with little to no social stimulation on a daily basis. We have had a concert, daily games, frequent crafts, movie times, and devotional times, and a fall festival.

The Murph: How has the response been from the residents and community?

Shanna Dupree: We have the best resident support we could ask for. Our residents are our biggest supporters. The families that have become our extended family have open communication with our management and team to ensure we are providing what our residents need.

As far as the community of Cochran, it has been nothing short of amazing. From donations to our crafts, phenomenal volunteers, local churches’ involvement, our local schools visits, and so many more. Our Cochran community has been there to show how proud they are to have AHSL as part of our community.

The Murph: What is the plan for the future?

Shanna Dupree: The future? Wherever God leads. We didn’t realize our future included building another 16 assisted living rooms almost immediately upon opening.

The Murph: Anything else?

Shanna Dupree: The most common discussion we have would be to “do the right thing at the right time for the right reason.”  We use this as a decision making tool.  We reference this at every staff meeting.  Simple, basic, but oh so necessary.


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