Editorial: Jesus on the Walmart wall

Walmart has a reputation of attracting all types of people. Different sites on social media, and all over the internet, have been launched regarding the people of Walmart.

You see all types of people in the store. And they’re dressed in all sorts of ways. I’m not seeing anything really crazy at any Walmart I stopped in. People do dress in their pajama pants and shirts true enough, but I don’t see anything 100% wrong with that.

Photo by Becky Holland/TMG 2019

So, since we’re always hearing about the people of Walmart and the negativity in Walmart, I thought I would tell you about the day I saw Jesus on the wall at Walmart.

I do some PRN work for a home health agency. I went to the local Walmart after a hard day. I was getting out of my car which I park way over close to the lawn and garden center, because I’m overweight and I like to walk.

As I got out of my car and something caught my eye on the wall … right below the name Walmart.

There’s no doubt in my mind that it was a shadow from a pole or something What the shadow portrayed is what caught my attention.

As you noticed in the previous picture, there’s a cross in the lower right-hand corner reflected on the wall of the Walmart in Cochran, Georgia.

I was a little shocked at what I was seeing, because I couldn’t find anyting that looks like it would make that shadow. The only thing I could see was this big pole, but it didn’t look like a cross to me really.

So I’m walking towards the door and snapping pictures with my phone, and as I get closer I realised nobody else was looking at it, and I wondered if I was dreaming.

It’s the holiday season and we’re all in a hurry. The store is crowded. The parking lot is crowded. And our minds are on a hundred different things.You can look at it as just a neat photographic opportunity or isn’t that cool how the sun made that shadow or hey that’s a sign from God that He’s everywhere.

However, you want to see that cross or explain it away is up to you But it was there. We’ve got the evidence of it.

I’m going to choose this way. When you open your eyes, and look around you, get your mind off of you, get your mind off of financial problems or health problems, and get your mind out of whatever is happening on Facebook, there’s a whole world out there to see. It’s a good world. Sometimes, we people make it bad. But overall it’s a good world. Just open your eyes and look.

You may never know what you’ll see if you do. You might even see Jesus on the wall of the local Walmart.

Photo by Becky Holland/TMG 2019


Author: rlhwrites

Curator of prose and such.

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