Business Profile: Mobile gaming unit in Hawkinsville

HAWKINSVILLE, GEORGIA: Misty Hill wanted to do something for the youth in the community. The wife and mother started researching ideas.

She looked at first at putting something in a building in her community, but really didn’t find anything.

Misty and her husband are active in their church, and are leaders with youth. “We ended up buying a bus – a 14 passenger one – to help us carry our kids and their friends to and from church.”

And that is when she came up with the idea for a mobile gaming theater.

A what? Yes, a mobile gaming theater. “Today, a lot of kids are into online gaming … and there was nothing really for kids to do unless they were to drive far.”

Misty said, “I knew nothing about gaming or mobile gaming theaters, and I just kept pushing it off, and kept coming back to it … I started researching it, and just kept praying about it.”

The mobile gaming theater gives “a wow factor …”

“There is not that many in Georgia. So, my husband and I designed the gaming theater and had it built,” she said. “We rent to the public for birthdays, graduation parties, tailgating parties, prom parties, family events, fundraisers and church events,” Misty said.

The mobile gaming unit has a variety of games. “This will give the kids a chance to interact with each other and adults and have something to look forward to,” Misty said.

Peach State Entertainment, LLC. offers a large supply of games, family-friendly and some for adults.” She also offers laser tag and karaoke.

Misty has a small at home business for vinyl decals. At some point, her goal is to do an enclosed mobile beauty shop of sorts, where you can do things without having “to have a license … that we can take to schools and when kids who can’t afford to get pampered for the prom and more, can come on the mobile unit.”

For more information about Peach State Entertainment, LLC, call 478-365-3650 or visit the website at or on Facebook at


Author: rlhwrites

Curator of prose and such.

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