Feature Story: Gazette adult readers write Santa

NORTH POLE: It seems to be a world where adults rule, right? But at Christmas, or prior to the holiday, kids rule the world – or at least, rule Santa Claus’ world.

So The Murphy Gazette decided to do something about that. Readers of the Gazette over the age of 21 were asked to write a letter to Santa, and the responses were varied.

Dear Santa, I know I promised that I wouldn’t moan, but there’s still these outstanding student loans. I know I said I wouldn’t pitch a fit, but this rent is still due on the fifth. I remember saying I’d try to lose weight, soon this scale will say 508. 2019 is in the rear – Dear Santa, please let 2020 be my year! Your Pal, Calvin Smith, 24, Dexter, Georgia.

Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is a happy day for my family and friends. Lord, I wish that all the mess going on with our governing leaders would stop. Help them get a long. Thank you.
Your friend, Lee, 50, Jefferson, Texas.”

Dear Santa,
What have you got hanging around that you’d like to get rid of? Whatever you have, just bring me one or two or three things. Don’t forget to include a little edible treat in my stocking.
Get that sleigh cleaned up and get it looking good. I will look forward to something good under the tree which looks pretty good this year. Oh, and don’t forget something for my husband who loves his coffee, and my youngest daughter, Rebecca, who loves to write. She is out of pens – good writing ones and needs some paper.
Your friend, Gerry, 84, Empire, Georgia.”

Dear Santa, My name is Ariane. I am 42 years old. I’ve been MOSTLY good this year (except that one thing but I know you know
and we don’t need to get into that).
What I would really love for Christmas is for my Mom and Mama to have peace with each other. Mom is taking care of Mama, my Grandmother, in her golden years and it’s been rough on both of them since Papa passed. Just sit and visit with them and remind my grandmother that there are so many wonderful things to still be happy about and grateful for in this world.
They both stay up late so they’ll be looking for you. Mom will make you some good NOG and the reindeer can have some of Ray Jay’s treats (my Labrador brother). Also, if I could win a million from Publisher’s that would be great too! Safe travels this Christmas Eve!
Yours always, Ariane G., 42, Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Dear Santa, All I want is peace, comfort and no hulalabaloo.
Your Friend, James H., 86, Empire, Georgia.”

Dear Santa, I would like a brand new maroon F250 4×4 diesel pick up truck. Please leave it in the driveway. Thanks so very much.
Love, Jimmy R., 64, Warner Robins, Georgia.”

Dear Santa, It’s me again! You probably haven’t heard from me since 1989, and I know that’s been awhile, especially if you are counting dog years and things like that. Well, I’ll make this short.

Not sure if I’m still on the list of being good, but that’s OK. I’m sure the Elf on the Shelf hasn’t snitched on me too much or at least not as much as on my kids. Anyways, we’re all good here in Texas, and just wanted to say that if you get a chance to stop by the casa, I’ll have that Goode Co. Pecan Pie with Borden’s milk sitting out for ya!

The boys all want guns, the baby wants toys, my oldest wants a brush guard for her 4×4, and me and my bride just want a trip to Maldives for a week …or three! Welp, that does it for us, enjoy your days until you get jet lag. By the way, don’t let the reindeer wander off into the other yards, the HOA gets bent outta shape about stuff like that. Have good’en!! Your buddy, Stevie Wayne, 43, Huntsville, Texas

Dear Santa, My Christmas wish is for all of my students to feel safe and loved. I wish for them to have warm homes and full bellies, and an understanding of the true meaning of the season. Thanks, your teacher friend, Betsy R., 34, Cochran, Georgia.”

Author: rlhwrites

Curator of prose and such.

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