Reader’s Poll: Do you open your gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

TEXAS, FLORIDA and GEORGIA: It is a question that is as old as the beginning of Christmas – after Jesus’ birthday. For many, the ideas of Christmas is exciting, and the magnetic appeal of the pretty wrapped boxes and decorative bags underneath the tree can be overwhelming.

Some folks choose to open gifts on Christmas Eve because of the fact that, well, they can’t wait, or to be able to get all the family gatherings done in a reasonable amount of time. Others say it is time to do it on Christmas morning.

Thirteen of The Murphy Gazette readers answered our poll via Facebook regarding this question. What do you do? Comment after the story.

Our Georgia readers were: Roxanne Mauri Harrell, Kim Hanna, Linda Paradis, Melissa Sikes, Lynzee White, Sasha Edge, Gina Rodriguez, Tracy Holder and Treasure Pope. Our Texas readers were Karen Lane, Angela Culbreth and Joseph Bennett. Tammy Madrid was our lone reader from Florida.

Roxanne Harrell said, “Christmas Eve with the grands, so they can have Christmas morning at home with their moms and dads and siblings.”

Linda Paradis and her family stick to opening gifts, she said on, “Christmas.”

Madison County Tax Assessor/Collector, Madisonville, Texas, Karen Lane, said, “Normally Christmas Day. This year, we will do both one at my mother-in-law’s, which will be Christmas Eve, and one at home on Christmas Day.”

Kim Hanna, her sisters, parents and families do Christmas gift opening differently. “Christmas Eve,” she said.

“Christmas Eve,” Melissa Sikes reported.

Lynzee White said, “We let our little girl open one gift on Christmas Eve, but the rest on Christmas Day.”

Treasure Pope said, “Christmas Eve.”

“Christmas Eve this year because my husband has to work Christmas… but it’s usually one on Christmas Eve and the rest on Christmas,” Tracy Holder said.

Tammy Madrid said, “Christmas Day.”

“Christmas Day” Joseph Bennett said is when he and his wife and their children open gifts.

Owner of Walkers’ Cafe in Madisonville, Texas, Angela Culbreth said, “Christmas Day.”

Gina Rodriguez, owner of one of our sponsors, Cochran Cellphone Clinic, said, “Both.”

Sasha Edge, mother of two, said, “Both.”

At our house, we have always done both too.

When do you open your gifts? Comment below.


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One thought on “Reader’s Poll: Do you open your gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?”

  1. We are a Christmas Eve family. Then, all of the wrapping paper and trash gets thrown out so Santa has a clear path to the fireplace to leave presents (the ones mom always says “absolutely not”) and stocking stuffers.


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