Lifestyle Story: Dodge couple enjoys 31 years of love

Peggy and Julius Peacock

EASTMAN, GEORGIA: If you ask Peggy Peacock, age 55, to define love, she would say, “It is a long term commitment with Christ, because without Him, there is no love for anyone.”

Peacock would then point to her 31 year marriage to her husband, Julius, age 64. “The secret to a successful marriage is to put God in center, have great communication and be committed to each other.”

According to Peacock, she and her husband met “at Hardee’s, where I was a shift manager. He came to my house the next day.”

She laughed, “And he hasn’t left since.”

“He proposed to me on the steps of the Ocean Aire Motel in Jacksonville, Florida,” Peacock said. “We had a ‘whirlwind romance,’ and married six weeks later.”

The couple has “raised three sets of children for a total of seven children.”

Peggy and Julius “both like going to the mountains together, and in our free time, we both watching Christian movies together.”

She continued, “I am a ‘Pageant Nana,’ who enjoys watching my granddaughters compete, and he is a NASCAR racing fan.”

In offering advice to anyone thinking of marriage or who might already been married, Peacock said, “Take your vows seriously, never go to bed angry, and always say ‘I love you’ before you walk out the door or hang up the phone.”

She concluded, “To have love, you have to know Christ.”

Note from The Murphy Gazette: We would like to celebrate love in the next several weeks with stories of newly-engaged, newlyweds and long term married couples. If you are from central, East, Southeast Texas or Northwest or Central Georgia, or anywhere in the US, and would like to share you “happy marriage” or “good love” stories, email


Author: rlhwrites

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