Feature Story: Painting her way through college

Raygon Jones facepainting at an event in Cochran, Georgia.

PERRY, GEORGIA: Walt Disney once said, “All of your dreams can come true … if you have the courage to pursue them.”

And Raygon Jones, age 19, has that courage. The sophomore at the Savannah College of Art and Design is pursuing her dream of graduating from college.

“I will be the first one in my family to go to college and graduate,” Raygon said.

She added, “My cousins were going to go to school … but they didn’t graduate. My mom and my aunt raised me, and helped me a lot. They both worked in retail, and kept telling me I needed to do better than me.”

To pay for her college, Raygon started doing face painting for friends at parties, and for a local party company. “It helps pay for housing … just doing my part to achieve my dream.”

“There is no doubt that I am going to graduate from college,” Raygon smiled as she painted a bunny rabbit on a child’s face at a local festival.

She continued, “I like doing the face painting … been doing it for two years … It is different.”

Raygon paused. “It took a little bit, but I learned some new techniques, and figured it out. I used my mom as a guinea pig.”

Face painting is enjoyable for Raygon. “I like making the kids happy.”

She is striving to receive three degrees – one in graphic, one in design and sustainable art. “I have always liked to draw … I guess I like to draw people and abstract … never had a favorite.”

Raygon said, “Art, to me, is a way you can express your emotions.”

When thinking of a piece of advice that she would give others to encourage others in going for their dreams, Raygon stopped for a minute. “Do your best … Whatever it is you do, do your best … even if you have to adjust and do something else to accomplish your dreams.”

To book Raygon for one of your parties or events, email her at raygon31069@gmail.com.


Author: rlhwrites

Curator of prose and such.

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