Lifestyle Story: ‘Hope … it is something you just do.’

Sierra Pitts says ‘hope is something you do.’

COCHRAN, GEORGIA: Ask Sierra Pits, age 20, how to define the word ‘hope,’ and she will have to stop for a minute. “That is not something you really can define … it is something you just do.”

And that is what the 2017 graduate of Bleckley County High School has been doing all her life.

The daughter of Guiselle Pitts and Johnny Moss, Sierra says she has wanted to be a “nurse” for as long as she can remember.

Her older sister inspired her thinking. “She is a respiratory therapist.”

Sierra continued, “Nursing didn’t come through, so I chose to study to be a phlebotomoist.” As soon as she gets her paperwork together, she says she will start taking classes at Central Georgia Technical Institute.

Until then, she has been working at the Captain D’s – the seafood restaurant – in Cochran. Sierra enjoys her job. “I like working here … It is fast-paced, especially the drive-thru. I have never worked in a seafood place before so this is different.”

As one of the older employees, Sierra said she “pretty much stays to myself, but I do like all the people here.”

She likes her customers the best. “I now have some regulars now … I can see their cars come up, and when they get to the intercom … I know what they are going to order, and just tell them to come on around,” Sierra laughed. “They will laugh and think it is awesome.”

When asked if there was anything in her life that she had experienced that had been hard, Sierra nodded. “I went through a pretty dark period … all i did was sit around and watch television.”

She didn’t even listen to her music. “”I love to listen to music, and really couldn’t pick out a favorite.”

One of the things that Sierra said pulled her through was her conversations with her grandmother. “She has a strong faith, and just really was good to talk to, and share things with.”

Sierra paused for a minute. “I would tell people that it is important to talk when you are having problems or just confused. Don’t hold things in.”

Her advice to others would be “Live life to your fullest … do what you want to do and don’t be a people pleaser.”

If she had a superpower, Sierra said, “I would want to be able to read people’s minds … so I could hear where their thoughts are.”


*This is the second in a series of ‘everyday’ people stories that The Murphy Gazette will publish in an effort to show goodness is out there. If you have a story idea, email

Author: rlhwrites

Curator of prose and such.

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