FEATURE STORY: Took them 20 years to find each other

Troy and Shannon Davis in 2011

COCHRAN, GEORGIA: Talk about the makings of a good John Hughes’ movie. You remember Hughes right? He was the director of some of the wholesome love story movies of the 1980s – like Sixteen Candles.

You know the story – the couple that gets together is unexpected, but when they do find each other and realize they are in love – wow!

Troy and Shannon Davis’ love story is kind of like that. The couple grew up together, and attended school in the Bleckley County school system together. But they never dated or even had an inkling that they liked each other for more than friends until later in life.

Read on.

Troy, age 49, is employed at the Robins Air Force Base, and is an ordained minister. Shannon works at Taylor Regional Hospital, and is also a holistic health coach. Their family includes two sons, Taylor, age 25, and Tanner, age 23, and their grandson, Kyson, age nine months.

According to Troy, their relationship “really was a God thing.” The couple hadn’t seen each in 20 years. “Shannon was living in new Mexico at the time.”

Shannon remembers that at one time she just “felt a need to find Troy … really, not knowing why.”

When Shannon made a trip home to Georgia in 2009, it was as if destiny played its hand. “God brought us together.” After a courtship, Troy proposed, and the couple was married on Valentine’s Day in 2011.

Shannon and Troy have different hobbies but in their free time, they do “love to travel. Playing with our new grand-baby has become one of our favorite activities.”

She reported, “Our story is one of hope as Troy was in active addiction for 27 years of his life. God rescued him from that and blessed them with a Celebrate Recovery Ministry in which Troy was ordained as the pastor.”

The couple led the ministry in Cochran for five years. In 2019, according to Troy, “God called us out of our season with the Celebrate Recovery ministry, and has led into a new season.”

Troy and Shannon are attending and “serving the Lord at the House of Grace in Cochran now.” Troy preaches and teaches still wherever “God calls me.”

They also became active in a hunting and fishing ministry called 30-30 Ministries. Troy loves fishing and hunting, so volunteering with the ministry was a natural for them. The 30-30 Ministries was started by Brad Gill – it combines hunting and fishing and the sharing of God and His love with youth.

When asked if they had any advice for couples, Troy and Shannon agreed together that “God would have to be the head of your marriage, and you should find a church body where you can belong and serve God together.”

And that is a love story that needs to be told. Happy Early Anniversary, Shannon and Troy!

If you have a love story you want to share – if you have been married more than five years, email us at becky@murphygazette.com.


Troy and Shannon Davis 2020

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