Lifestyle Story: To My Favorite Two-Year-Old

Lyssa turns two.

*Writer’s Note: A writer’s letter to a two-year-old on her birthday with advice on how to live life *

SOMEWHERE IN TEXAS: Summers in Texas are like summers no other. The temperatures outdoors reach highs that would burn a pizza in just three seconds. Sometimes, depending on the mood in which Mother Nature would be in, Texans might get an afternoon rain shower that would only push the digits on the thermometer down a few inches.

In other words, Lyssa Boo, it gets hot. By the time you read this, you will know what I mean. Right now, though, to you, summer means something different than it does to those of us in our mid-life to upper mid-life stages.

It was during the summer of 2017 that I learned your mommy and daddy were expecting you – well, your mom was feeling the physical feelings of having you a lot more than your daddy was.

Excitement rang throughout your family, and even to all of us, your parents’ friends, as news of your creation and expected arrival rang through social media land.

I was in the middle of a move back to Georgia from Texas. The last time I had seen your folks in person had been the year or year and half before. Yeah, I know we were all in Texas – but Texas is big, as you well know. I was in central and y’all were a little further south and east.

Your dad and mom both are characters – each with a personable sense of humor and charm, buckled in with some hard-headiness and independence, and sprinkled with a lot of love. They both are creative and your mom is free-spirited, and your dad is pretty down-home. You lucked out, Lyssa Boo.

These two are quite resourceful, and when God was given out common sense and good work ethics – Steve and Miranda – your parents – got a bunch of what He gave.

And of course, there are your grandparents. Though I don’t know your dad’s folks, your mom’s mom, Mrs. Wanda, or as I call her, my Facebook Momma, is exceptional. Then your siblings from your sister to the boys, they have their own good qualities, for sure – creativity reigns supreme in your clan.

With that being said, the picture I had in my head of you, knowing your parents and siblings, pretty much is what you are today – independent, curious, energetic, cute as a button and a country girl through and through. And those, sweet girly, are the best qualities to have. Be sure to keep them, and keep being you.

I thought about it. What advice could I give a two-year-old on her birthday?

As you know, if your mom has told you anything about me (Becky Boo), I write, I overthink and I collect stuffed animals. So, I looked around my room, and my eyes landed on one of the stuffed monkeys I have. I immediately thought of Curious George. If your mom or dad or Hunter or Luke never read you Curious George, you let me know. I will be sending a book soon. They should be ashamed!

Curious George

Curious George is a story of a money who was rescued by a man with a tall, yellow hat. The boys and movies about him are series of stories of his adventures – to the beach, to the aquarium and all over- kind of like the adventures you take at your grandmother’s!

I love me some Curious George.

Anyway, you can learn a lot from the monkey.

First of all, stay curious, girly. As Curious George taught us, there are adventures everywhere. Don’t be such an over thinker or worry-wort or planner that you forget that life can be fun too. The more questions you ask, the more you learn.

Secondly, at the end of every Curious George story, (and most books like his), there always seems to be a happy ending. You know, you have heard that. “And they all live happily ever after.”

Life is not always going to be full of ice cream and sprinkled doughnuts and unicorns and days at the beach. But, Lyssa, you keep going, you keep moving, and open your eyes to the wonderful things around you – even when it is “raining cats and dogs.” Curious George always found his happy.

Lastly, George was a curious monkey, and he always seemed to want to do things for others. Remember, George was a monkey, so sometimes, whenever he wanted to do something good, things didn’t always go like he wanted. Sometimes, he created a big mess.

Helping people is the best thing you can do in life, but don’t get upset when it gets messy. Because in the end, sweet girl, in the end, I promise, it will be OK. Just look at Curious George and all the messes that turned out to be OK for him!

I take that back. that is not the last lesson I learned from Curious George. Even after spouting off all those wonderful lessons, old Curious George would say, “Forget what I just told you. The best thing I can tell you is to be yourself. “

And there you have it. Words we all could live by.

Happy Birthday, Lyssa Boo! I love you to the moon and back. -BB

(c)LyssaFamilyPhotos/Curious George

Author: rlhwrites

Curator of prose and such.

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