Story: Celebrating 22 years of Valentine’s Days

Charles and Kelli Garrett and all of their favorite Valentines

HAWKINSVILLE/COCHRAN, GEORGIA: When Kelli Garrett first met her husband, Charles Garrett, she says her first impression was not that “great.”

But something changed for the couple after, she said that fateful day they first meet “at the golf course.” They have been together for 22 years.

Though she is not sure who was interested first, Kelli said, “He was the first one to say I love you.”

There is a nine year age difference between the couple who are parents of four. When asked who was the most patient between the two, she said, “Him.” The most sensitive of the two, Kelli said, would be “me.”

When asked who the funniest was, Kelli laughed, “I mean, do you even know me?”

To choose who would be the loudest between Kelli and Charles, Kelli ‘shook her head.’ “Again, do you even know me?” There was a smile.

The smile continued when the question was asked who was the most stubborn between the husband and wife team. “This is getting repetitive,” she said. Imagine her pulling a Blake Shelton point to her head. (You know how the country singer does when he wants someone to choose him as their coach on The Voice.)

Husband Charles falls asleep first, and is “the better morning person,” Kelli said.

“He always wants to go to social events, but I do a lot more socializing … talking,” she added.

Calling herself the better driver of the two, Kelli said, “I say I am the better cook, but he definitely cooks more often.”

Happy Valentine’s Day to the Garretts!

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Author: rlhwrites

Curator of prose and such.

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