Story: Miracles, Marriage and Overcomers

The Mimbs and Santa

COCHRAN, GEORGIA: Patrick and Julie Mimbs will celebrate a decade of being married on August 21, 2020. The couple met, according to Julie, “when a friend of ours called me to ask me a question on how to change something on the computer.”

She continued, “In the background I heard this guy asking his friend questions about me. and asking me to come over to meet him. I told him no at the time.”

Patrick was the guy. Julie said they talked on and off for two weeks until he finally convinced her to meet him.

She continued, “I remember asking him if he wanted kids because I couldn’t have any. He said I already have a little girl (Abby) and if he doesn’t get anymore that was fine with him.”

Julie explained, “I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome at the age of 19. I had gone to the doctor for a check up and they found a tumor on my left ovary the size of a Nerf football.”

“I had surgery to remove the tumor. During the surgery, my left Fallopian tube was removed in 2005,” she said. “The next year I was going back doctor to have a yearly check up, and was told I had another tumor on my right ovary. They removed the tumor, and after going back to my post op appointment, I was told they was no way that I could have any children.”

Patrick and Julie are both from Cochran. He is seven years older than she is, and according to Julie, they have similar background stories which connected them.

“Patrick joined the Army in 1999. He got out in 2002 due to his bad back. My dad was a Vietnam Veteran of the Army … I thought it was cool that he and my father served for our country.”

Then Julie found out something else that connected them. “I found out he was also a Past Master of Cochran Lodge 217 F&A.M . My step-grandfather was a Past Master in 1983.”

A wedding was planned. Then something happened that would change their lives.

“Patrick had a seizure about one month before we were to get married. He was in Jacksonville, Florida, delivering a prison bus to the port. He had just got out from behind the wheel when he had his seizure,” she explained. “They sent him to the local hospital, and he was told he had a brain tumor the size of golf ball in the middle of his brain.”

Julie said, “He stayed down there until he had surgery to remove it. In June 2010, he had an 11-hour surgery.”

The couple had to postpone their wedding two months during Patrick’s recovery. In 2017, Julie’s father passed away, and during that time period, her mother had open-heart surgery. “My mom ended up having a stroke on the table during surgery, so after surgery, she moved in with us.”

Instead of feeling down, Julie and Patrick just kept going. Then, in March of last year, something else happened. “I was having some pain in my right side, so I made an appointment with my doctor. Patrick went with me. The nurse came in the room, and said they couldn’t do my annual exam.”

“Well, I asked why not? She looked at me and said, you’re pregnant.” Silence in the room … “I looked at like she was crazy, and I told her that was impossible because I was told I couldn’t have a baby, or had been since I was 20. They did a blood test, and it came back that I was pregnant.”

Patrick and Julie were excited, and in awe of what God had done.

A few months later, Julie said, “On May 12, I lost my mother due to a massive stroke … I am very thankful and blessed to know she knew I was pregnant before she died.”

On October 17, 2019, Patrick and Julie welcomed a healthy baby boy. “I believe God knew my mother was going to pass away so He allowed me to have this miracle baby to feel the void of losing my mother.”

She concluded, “I also believe God placed Patrick in my life to help me with the trials I was going to face down the road. He has been my rock through losing both of my parents. And he helped me take care of my mother when she was living with us.”

Now that is a love story.
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