Story: A trip to the beach brought this couple together

The Perdues

COCHRAN, GEORGIA: Tammy Perdue had known her husband, Bobby, for a long time. “I always knew him from school … he was from Dodge County though.” Tammy graduated from Bleckley County High School – just few miles up the road.

Her first impression of Bobby came during a visit to the beach. “He was there at the beach,” she said with a smile, and added, “I was very impressed.”

Bobby is five years older. “I think I was the first one interested in us having a relationship … but he said I love you first,” Tammy remembered.

In thinking of the couple’s qualities, Tammy said she “is the most patient and most social. He is the most sensitive, stubborn and funniest.”

The loudest of the couple? Tammy laughed, “Him, for sure. He also is the one who falls asleep first.”

When asked who was the better cook between Bobby and Tammy? “He can grill, but I would say me.”

The better morning person? “Him … I am the best driver though,” Tammy said.

They are celebrating five years of Valentine’s Day together this year as grandparents – something they both are very proud of.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Bobby and Tammy!


Author: rlhwrites

Curator of prose and such.

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