Story: The Two-Faced Kitten In Ellaville, Georgia

Lucky the Two Faced Cat – 2009 (c)BLHOLLAND

Dolores Phillips had a new kitten. Her name?

How about Two-Faced?

Actually, Phillips got a little more than she bargained for when her pet cat, Sassy, gave birth to her second litter of kittens recently.

One of the kittens was born with two faces.

Only about one in a million cats are born with two heads. The deformity, however, is more common among other animals, especially snakes and turtles, a quick search on the Internet revealed.

This is how the strange story unfolded: “My daughter (Beverly Aldridge) called me on her cell phone and said that she thought Sassy had given birth to the kittens. And then she said, that there was something weird about one of them. I was like, ‘what?’ She said that one of them was born with two faces. I didn’t believe her. She tried to take a picture with her cell phone and send it to me.”

Holding up the less than palm-sized kitten, which was wrapped in a towel, Phillips said, “We weren’t sure it would live until I got back, but it did, and sure enough, there are two faces.”

While Phillips had taken to the kitten, the new pet’s mother didn’t.

“I was having a hard time getting it to eat, and the mother didn’t want anything to do with it, and the other kittens push it away.”

The veterinarian said tests could be run, but they would be expensive, she said.

“I hoped it would live, and I really wanted it to have a good life … I did my best to make sure it lived, if possible.”

The kitten, according to Phillips, was a little “top heavy,” did try to crawl and move about, and meowed out of both mouths.

“I decided to give it a shot and take the kitten home with me, and see if we can do our best to make it live,” she said.

Oh, and what will Phillips did name the kitten?

“My daughter called it Lucky.”

When I first reported that story in The Americus Times Recorder in 2009, people all over town responded. Everyone of them wanted Lucky to survive. Sadly, four days later, I wrote the two-faced cat’s obituary.

Reflecting back on this news story, a quote I read from a pastor came to mind.“Your flaws are not your identity. Your flaws don’t define you. God does. He looks at you and says, ‘ Yup, just the way I like it.’ And then He uses you as you are for His purpose.”

Just going to leave that thought right there for you to ponder on.

(c)Archives from The Amerricus Times Recorder and CNHI.

Author: rlhwrites

Curator of prose and such.

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