Feature Story: ‘I see myself in her – don’t tell her that’

*Eighth in a series of multiple stories, we hope, from men and women in east Texas, middle and northwest Georgia and areas in between, about the women who most influenced their lives. This is in honor of Women’s History Month.

MARSHALL, TEXAS: For as long as Taylor Thornton can remember, her mom, Angela Fitzpatrick, who is a principal with the Marshall Independent School District, has been “one of the closest friends that I have in my life.”

Taylor, who recently got married, is currently working within city government in east Texas. When she was asked about a woman who has made an impact on her life, Taylor said, “My mother has influenced my life tremendously.”

She continued,”My mom is the leading light in my life, and she has gone above the duties and roles of a mother.”

Angela Fitzpatrick, according to her daughter, “is a driving force in the community … loud but sweet, kind to those she meets, and most importantly, a sounding board for me.”

Taylor continued, “We are a lot alike in looks, voice, and even laugh, it is sort of weird. I see myself in her a lot of the times,but don’t tell her that part.”

“My mom calls me her mini-me,” Taylor said. “Her drive and dedication to serve others has definitely made an impact in my life.”

There are many lessons that Taylor credits learning from her mom. She said, “One thing that I learned from her is that everyone is not like me and to be the best me that I can be.”

Taylor concluded, “I am a better person because she loves me unconditionally. I cherish the times I have with her.”

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Author: rlhwrites

Curator of prose and such.

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