Story: She’s an amazing ‘Grace’ says daughter

Grace Carrier

Ninth in a series of stories, hopefully, about women of influence as part of Women’s History Month.

DUBLIN,GEORGIA: Gale Murkerson has considered herself to be very blessed when it comes to influential women in her life.

She said, “I have had many women in my life – aunts, friends, bosses and co-workers.”

Gale said, “I grew up with only one grandmother who had a lot of influence on my life, and I have never had what you would call a best friend until I graduated college.”

“So that leaves very few for me to pick from … I guess the woman who had the most influence on me was my mother(Grace Carrier). When I was young, I saw my mother as beautiful, smart, funny but also as a woman who struggled to maintain her identity.”

Gale added, “She became a mother by the time she was 19, and within seven years, had five children, four of whom were stair steps.”

“Through the years, I saw her overcome depression and the craziness of raising five children. I watched her work two jobs when she had too,” she said. “I watched her help my daddy on the farm planting, feeding hogs and cows.”

Gale remembered, “She not only nursed us, she nursed our sick kittens, cats, dogs and even rabbits. Mom taught me how to clean a house, square the corners of the bed sheet as you were making it.”

“I watched as she sacrificed weekends and summers to go on 4-H trips with us. I watched what a fairy tale marriage was and how to love your husband.”

She added, “The biggest thing, and most important thing, I learned from my mother was unconditional love. I watch as she gets older, and I know that the day will come soon when she will not be here, and that makes me sad.”

“But, over the years her character has remained steady,” Gale concluded. “My mom is a godly woman who would die for her family. She is faithful to her children, husband and to God.”

And that makes Grace Carrier a woman who has impacted the history of her family.

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Author: rlhwrites

Curator of prose and such.

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