Feature Story: She has beaten cancer twice

Angela and her mom, Jody.

Story number 12 in a series of stories about women who influence us as a result of Women’s History Month.

MADISONVILLE, TEXAS: Angela Culbreth is a mom of three, a housewife and a business owner. She is a partner in a successful restaurant in downtown Madisonville, Walkers Cafe, but one of the most important roles she plays is being a daughter.

Her mom, Jody Piggott, in fact, has been the one woman in Angela’s life to have inspired her and influenced her the most.

Angela said in a Facebook chat, “She is the only person in my life that has ever loved me unconditionally my entire life.”

She continued, “No matter if I was a cute toddler or a down-right mean teenager, she never stopped being my greatest defender and protector.”

According to Angela, Jody “taught me from an early age to work hard, and if you start something don’t quit until you are done!”

A smile appeared. “Sometimes, she would work through the night just to clean out a cabinet … my mother has beat stage four lung cancer two times! She does not know the meaning of the word quit!”

“My mom has encouraged me when I was down about my marriage, and reminding me, I knew these characters flaws when I married him ! That means you can’t hold this against him now!”

Angela reflected on things her mother had told her through the years, including when her daughter, Grace, her youngest was born. Grace was born with Spina Bifda.

“When Grace was born, she was my biggest cheerleader reminding me I was born to be a mother. She told me what great compassion I showed children with disabilities when I was a child.” Grace has graduated from high school.

She continued, “My mother inspired me to work hard , love hard and treat others with respect and kindness.”

“I still talk to my mom every day on the way home from work,” Angela concluded, “She is still excited to hear about my day at work as she was when I came home from school and she wanted to know about my day.”

And that is a good momma.

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Author: rlhwrites

Curator of prose and such.

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