Feature Story: Dance teacher made major impact on life


*This is story 13, in a hopefully long series, about the women who influence us the most. Have a story to share? Email becky@murphygazette.com.

MARSHALL, TEXAS: Kristi McGeorge is one of the few people that Anika Kerr, who will turn 12 next month, can honestly say has been an influence on her life.

Kristi was Anika’s dance teacher. “Ms. Kristi has been my dance teacher since I was four years old until last summer,” Anika wrote.

“She has always instilled in us to keep trying,” Anika said. “And to never give up.”

Anika added, “She always wants the best for us … and loved us now matter what.”

Jenny, Anika’s mom, said she was pretty sure that Anika would choose Kristi as a woman who influenced her the most. “Kristi is good people,” Jenny said. According to Jenny, Kristi goes way beyond the call of duty as a dance teacher.

“Ms. Kristi’s character traits include being bright, bubbly, and she can be very serious if called for,” Anika said. “She is always strong, and can push through an obstacle that life throws at her.”

As per lessons that Anika has learned from her dance teacher, she knew there were many. “Mrs. Kristi taught me to always keep trying.”

Anika concluded, “Ms. Kristi has the strongest will anyone has.”

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Anika says her dance teacher influenced her a lot.

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