Editorial: ‘I felt safe’

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I am an octogenarian with many elections under my belt. In all of them, I considered, with appreciation, my voting rights. I also considered the standards for life as laid down by God when He gave Moses the Ten Commandments. Being an evangelical … a professing Christian, I consider the ‘rules for life’ as laid down by Jesus in the New Testament of the Bible to confirm, or trump, anything that had gone on before. I have always considered my ‘right to vote’ in parallel to my ‘right to religion’.

I freely admit my own ‘Christian failings,’ but after reading the thoughts of other professed evangelicals … the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dallas, the president of Liberty University and Billy Graham’s son, I don’t advertise my ‘evangelical’ part.

During the 2016 election, my allegiance to Jesus was challenged, I could not vote for a man who believed that it was ‘his right’ to grab women in the ‘crotch’ … but I could not vote for a woman who seemed to condone her husband’s ‘more worse’ acts. I chose to honor the ‘rules of life’ of the Bible, I did not cast a vote for president … but I voted for the ‘other’ republican candidates … in the elections that will follow … I will not vote for anyone, at any level, who openly supports the man who believes it is his right to grab women in the ‘crotch’ … not even for a blood brother.

I have voted ‘republican’ since Saxby Chambless first ‘ran’ for the US Senate. I do not have a ‘cult-like’ love for ‘the party’ … with Saxby Chambless and Johnny Isakson as our senators, I felt safe.

With the possibility of having the ‘loudmouth preacher’ from Gainesville, or the rich woman from Atlanta, who showers us with mail about a cause that is not mentioned in the Bible … and David Purdue … I am ‘scared to death’ … my only hope, for ‘political peace,’ is to trust God to intervene. I pray before I go to sleep at night … that He will.

Note: (Someone said, after reading this piece and discussing ‘the virus’, “he may be doing it now.”)

  • Written by JcH (a citizen of the state of Georgia, US)

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