Feature Story: My mother shared courage and independence

*Note: This is story number 16 in our segment of stories about women who influence us the most. This is part of the Women’s History Month for March. (If you have a story, email it to becky@murphygazette.com)

*Editor’s Note: There are four people who I will surrender white space to since they can tell a story better than I can – and my friend, Lt. Sarah Hodges, is one of them. Happy Birthday to Sarah’s mom who celebrates her special day on Tuesday, March 10.

By Lt. Sarah Hodges

Recently, my friend Becky Holland, who is a writer, requested that I answer four questions. The questions are part of a segment that she is working on in reference to women in our lives that have influenced us the most. For me, these four questions were extremely easy and enjoyable to answer.

The woman I chose is my mother. Words cannot describe what a wonderful, caring person she is. My mother is the woman in my life, that has influenced me the most. While we had arguments and disagreements as I was growing up, like all mothers and daughters, she evolved into my best friend. I have always looked up to her as the type of woman that I wanted to be one day, my ultimate role model.

Now, at age 37, I still turn to her for everything and continue to strive to be more like her. My mother is my lifeline from fashion advice all the way to life advice.

I have learned so many things from my mother that have shaped me into the person that I am today.

My mother has taught me how to be a stronger person. She instilled in me the confidence and will-power to never give up on my dreams and goals, no matter how difficult things become. And a lot of “difficult things” have crossed my path.

My mother is strong in her faith and has taught me how to put everything in God’s hands and stay stead-fast in prayer, always.

My mother, and my dad, have taught me how to be independent and stand up for myself when no one is around to help me … a skill that is greatly needed in my chosen profession. My mother’s character is unbelievable. Not only her character, but her personality as well. I can honestly say that I have yet to meet another person like her.

My mother brings a glow into a room and can turn my worst day into the best. While I can cry on her shoulder and tell her all of my “problems,” she is quick to remind me that I have a few minutes to cry it out and then get myself together and get with the program.

My mother is truly my best friend and the most wonderful woman in the world.

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