News Story: East Texas Baptist University moves classes to online for week


The Murphy Gazette Staff

Marshall, Texas: In response to the ever-changing and rapidly spreading coronavirus (COVID-10\9), officials at the East Texas Baptist University have taken several steps with the help and guidance of health care and infectious disease consultants.

According to a statement on the college’s website at, the university has decided to move all courses online for the week of March 16-22.

Officials from the school stated, “We wil lcontinue to monitor the COVID-19 conditions in our state and area during this period …” Plans are for on-campuse classes to resume on Monday, March 23.

The Marshall campus is only open to University community members through March 22. Anyone, the statement read, “returning to campus prior to March 23 will be required to undergo a health screening before coming on to the ETBU campus and/or into the Marshall Grand.”

“Students, faculty and staff who were on campus during Spring Break will be required to undergo the same health screening.”

The statement went on to detail how students and professors will communicate and how courses will be “delivered” during the week of March 16-22. ETBU has implemented a technical support hotline and chat support.

For students who have been screened, residential housing will be made availble, though officials encourage “students themselves to determine whether their ETBU residence or family home is the safest location for them.”

Dining services will be provided through the Bennett Commons Dining Hall. Chick-fil-A and the Republic in the Ornelas Student Center will continue regular operating hours. The statement did stress that only those who have passed a health screening will be allowed on campus and will be allowed to seek dining services at these locations.

All activities and visits for students have been suspended, and the campus services will be open for mail delivery and pick-up. Athletic events on march 20-21 will be restricted to essential University and athletic personnel.

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