Stories: Here is your invitation

To our followers all over the world, but most certainly in central and northwest Georgia, central, east and southeast Texas, The Murphy Gazette would like to invite you to a ‘party.’

WAIT – DON’T PANIC! Don’t call the CDC. Not talking about an actual in-person, face-to-face party.

The Murphy Gazette is taking a direction – surprising to me(RLH) – that was put on my heart over the last several weeks – going more to the creative site – almost like a literary guild – focusing on art, music, literature and arm-chair philosophy. Don’t worry and don’t leave us. We will still share writings about people – do interviews with all sorts of folks from all over the world – though sometimes we might just focus on Texas and Georgia.

We first launched the site to be an online magazine that only published good news, that had no deadlines or pressures and was just something that would bring all of us – a ‘breath of fresh air.’

Here is where the party begins, and why you get an invitation. If you have a poem or a writing or lyrics or a jpeg of some art you have created or you have thought to share – we are open and accepting those. Email

Check the page listed above that says Submissions to see the requirements – we have to have some rules to keep to the message the site has dedicated itself too.

We are looking forward to your RSVP.. We will offer to translate using Google translate posts into other languages.

Email and find us on Twitter @tmurphygazette.

Author: rlhwrites

Curator of prose and such.

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