Story: Desire … Deception … Camping … Whoa, What?

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I see the looks – has she lost her mind? Has all this social distancing and lack of Oreos literally made RLH loco? No.
Today’s post is going to be a little different. Author Tina Whittle is offering free downloads of her collection of short stories, and with her permission, we are sharing ‘Creature Comfort.’ It is a Tai and Trey story – Tina’s beloved characters from her amazing series of mystery novels. Just a little something to help you pass the time. Come back tomorrow to check out an interview with Tina, and see what she is going to give away to one of you. …. RLH


“Creature Comforts” by Tina Whittle (R)

Trey placed a single sugar cube in the beveled highball glass. He used antique silver tongs to do this. The picture window behind him provided a striking backdrop – live oaks, palmetto palms, tendrils of Spanish moss filtering the sunset into lacy shadows. He looked good in that light. It tipped his hair with amber and darkened his eyes to indigo.

He measured exactly two ounces of bourbon into the jigger. “Like this?”

I nodded, “Yes, Like that.”

Satisfied, he centered the glass on a cocktail napkin, and surveyed the rest of his ingredients. i watched from across the room, perched on the edge of a beige camelback sofa under a life-size painting of Lucy Fergusun, Carnegie heiress and previous owner of hte Greyfield, the mansion in which we now gathered.

Tina Whittle

I knew about Cumberland Island’s Carnegie history – every tour guide worth her salt did – but Lucy had been a rough-hewn wild woman in a crowd of polished hoity-toit. For her official portrait, she wore a simple green dress with a red head scarf and a buck knife in a leather scabbard on her hip. She resembled my mother, especially in the bone structure, but that was sheer coincidence. I knew of no Carnegie blood in my family tree, and I wasn’t about to go looking. My unexpected bootlegger genes were surprise enough.

I crossed my legs and adjusted the hemline of my cocktail dress. And then, I drove all thoughts of Beauregard Forrest Boone from my head. I’d deal with him eventually, but tonight I had an agenda that involved Trey and me and the salt-soaked wilderness outside those very civilized doors. Nothing else……


It gets better, which is why Tina Whittle is an exceptional writer of mysteries and more. Want to read the rest of the short story? Well, until April 1, Tina is offering a free download of ‘Creature Comfort.’

Visit the website at for more of the story.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for a Q&A with Tina Whittle! And participate in the give-away!

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