Beckyism: First toilet paper, and now the good peanut butter.

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You know what – I can’t find any peanut butter.… You are hoarding my chance at happiness. No peanut butter. First toilet paper, and now the good peanut butter. People!

Earlier this year, China was bombarded, and literally paralyzed with an outbreak of the corona virus, commonly called COVID-19. The virus began to spread hitting other countries, like Italy, Spain, Canada, and hitting them HARD.

People here in the US were like, OK, it is just a thing. But then, it started spreading here – little by little, and the numbers have grown for the confirmed cases and, sadly deaths.

Anxiety, panic, fear, worry, desperation hit so many of us pretty quickly – all you have to do is look on the shelves of our stores and even the online stores are out of stock of items. We are out of toilet paper. I can understand cleaning supplies, some OTC meds, Lysol, but I have really figured out why and how toilet paper went as quickly as it did. Well, I do know. As my 86 year old father said tonight when I asked that question, he said the word ‘greed.’

People, be concerned, but this overwhelming anxiety and embellished panic is stirring the pot unnecessarily. When older people, like my own parents or my neighbors or my aunt and uncle have to go very early to try and find supplies and foods that others have hoarded and continue to hoard, it is a problem. When we spread unconfirmed reports and rumors on our social media and start pointing fingers, there is a problem. When people continue to shake it all off and said, it is not a big deal, and go take trips or to the beach or go to the movies or go shopping or out to eat in crowds of more necessary, there is a problem. When leaders can’t seem to agree or share misinformation, we have a problem.

Follow the directions or suggestions given to us by those credible people in the know – and I am talking about the medical folks, the researchers, the CDC and the World Health organization. If we all would just sit down, shut up and buckle in, and let them do their work, we might see the light at the end of this crazy dark tunnel a lot sooner.

Be careful. You can still support your local businesses during this. As they have shortened hours and changed their service formats, you can still help them out, as they are risking a lot to help us stay healthy.

It is like my mom said today, we shouldn’t have to be told to wash our hands with soap, we shouldn’t be told to not sneeze or cough facing folks, we shouldn’t be told to stay at home if we are sick, we shouldn’t be told stay out of crowds and such when a virus is about and we shouldn’t be told to quit hoarding the toilet paper, the Lysol, the bread, the milk … part of the reason we are in dire straits is because people went bananas with their shopping.

If you want to be kind and help folks, please, protect your good-heartedness – make sure you are properly protected and keep a safe distance before you go out in the public to do your good deeds.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is not a racist or prejudice. It doesn’t look at how wealthy or poor a person is, what gender a person is, what religion a person it is … it doesn’t play favorites.

Sleep well, my favorites. Be healthy. – RLH, March 24, 2020

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Curator of prose and such.

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