Book Review: Going on a ‘brave’ hunt for 100 days

The dictionary defines ‘brave’ as  to “endure or face (unpleasant conditions or behavior) without showing fear.”

Annie F .Downs, Christian author and speaker, took the word a little further than what good old Webster dictionary intended it to be.

In her devotional guidebook, “100 Days of Brave,” Annie takes us, her readers, on a daily journey covering simple, everyday topics that each one of us encounters. She just puts it all in front of us – being brave isn’t easy. Sometimes, being brave, Annie explained, could mean being weak enough to admit that a. God is in control and b. letting Him be that way.

She pulls us along with her on a page by page adventure focusing different ways that we can be brave – in our work, our homelife, our relationships, including a relationship with ourselves.

100 days ago, I started the book. Being one who has a tendency to fall into the lines of dabbling in a pot full of anxiety and OCD, the word ‘brave’ has always been something that kind of has been outside of my comfort zone.

I am one of those who seems to feel comfortable amid pure, unbridled anxiety. Or I used to be.

But, being I was turning the age of 50, and was ready to figure something else out about my life. So, I picked up Annie’s book. When it arrived, I was a little surprised – it is a book half the size of a hardback copy of Rachel Hollis’ latest. Yet, it was heavy.

And rightfully so – Annie packed some hard punches in the little book … punches that landed right in the middle of my heart and mind.

She presents deep thinking on questions that some of us are afraid of paying attention to or considering answering.

And that is where the word ‘brave’ comes into necessity.

You need to be brave to be ready to change.

And that is what Annie F. Downs’  ‘100 Days of Brave’ did for me – gave me a reference for – changing and adapting.

It is worth picking up and doing.

I give it five stars.

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Author: rlhwrites

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