Neighbor of the Day: An angel with a cell phone and a school bus to drive

Gina From 2017 – Not Much Has Changed – Still One of the Coolest People We KNow

Cochran, Georgia: Gina Rodriguez, wife, mother, cell phone repairer and school bus driver, on a day when most people were quarantined inside – or they were supposed to be – sat in her store, Cochran Cellphone Clinic, as an essential business owner, to repair cell phones.

It was a pretty day – sun was shining, and there was a little cool breeze. Gina bravely stood the line to help others ensure that they would be able to communicate.

During a lull in her day, she noticed the mother of one of her friends was celebrating her 85th birthday. Knowing that the mother was not able to get out as part of the social distancing that the COVID-19, Gina took her phone and videoed some places in town just so the birthday “girl” could feel like she was out and about.

Gina posts very important job links on a Facebook group that she monitors with someone else to help others better themselves.

The list of Gina’s selfless, kind-hearted things she does in the community of Cochran are endless – from collecting items for those in need to sharing love for all of the children on her bus route and so much more. She goes above the call of duty as a bus driver, and was recognized by the school system for her dedication.

Humble, Gina likes to remain “backstage.”

In fact, she may disown me as a friend for writing about her, but in this time of uncertainty and anxiousness, we need to see the good people, the good things and find some hope.

Gina’s personal story is her to tell, but what I do know, well, she is a survivor – an example of dependability, resilience and a very real person.

This is why Gina gets to be named The Murph’s Neighbor of The Day!

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Author: rlhwrites

Curator of prose and such.

2 thoughts on “Neighbor of the Day: An angel with a cell phone and a school bus to drive”

  1. I’d like to personally THANK YOU for this beautiful recognition to my dear friend my G. G is definitely a survivor. A survivor of surviving the streets of Bushwick Brooklyn. A survivor to the deadly disease with the big C and a survivor of self resilience. She’s a win win all around. She captured my heart several years ago and she will forever remain in my heart. Truly not surprised by this post but THANK YOU for letting the world know about my amazing real friend. I love you my G ❤


  2. My name is Adam Maldonado and Gina is one good friend that I grew up with in Bushwick ,Brooklyn. And Gina a.k.a. TAELAY and she always has a good heart. And she will protect any one she feels needs help. GOOD HEART, GOOD PERSON.


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