Editorial: I may lose some readers after this …

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The rain is falling, and there are threats of more severe storms to come. They are talking tornadoes and lightening and floods.

Weather is pretty unpredictable. Yet, we can see it – it is tangible, so when it comes, we know it. We take shelter in our homes and offices, and thanks to our favorite weathermen – like Ben Jones of WMAZ-TV, Channel 13, we get alerts so we know when to duck.

Though many of us do not like storms, and some of us may get a little anxious at the first roll of thunder and brush of wind, we handle it the best way we can.

Today, on the eve of the ‘re-opening’ of Georgia several weeks after our governor issued a state of emergency and ‘sheltering-in-place’ orders, my mind is racing and my heart is beating faster than normal.

And it is not because of the physical rainstorm I see and hear.

It is not really because of the coronavirus, COVID-19, that has swept through the world, and is, according to medicine and science, not done causing havoc. The virus is scary. No one can deny that.

Other than being hard of hearing, having a crazy thyroid and being overweight, I am in relatively good health.

I live near my elderly parents – both in their upper-80s, and in pretty good health. We spend a lot of time together – sitting in the front porch rockers, watching television and doing odd projects together – like yard work and more. Sometimes, we share meals together.

Even before the coronavirus (COVID-19) entered our lives, I chose to be careful with where I go, what I do and who I interact with anyway – as I don’t want to bring any unwanted germs or conditions into our lives. My parents are too important.

Yes, I am scared now.

What is even more scarier is …

The state of confusion we are in as a result of the mass amounts of misinformation that is being funneled through our governing bodies that contradicts and goes against every suggestion that those in the know – who went to school to be in the know and who have the experience to be in the know – have made. Should a plumber tell a chemical engineer how to do his or her job? Or a retail store manager show a farmer how to plow fields? Then how can any of us who are not equipped with learned skills in the field of medicine and science spew out when, what, where, why and how about a virus?

2. The fact that there is dissension among the governing officials we have put our trust in. At troubling times like this, we need to have a President, Vice-President, governors, city councilmen, commissioners, and leaders in agencies like the CDC, the Departments of Public Health and more, who can put personal agendas aside, and work together. Having a President and Vice-President offer support of governing officials who are making decisions regarding our well-being, and then nine hours later, deny that support, after the governor(s) catches a heck of a lot of flack worldwide for his decisions doesn’t present a united front. When lives are at stake, ‘butt-kissing’ and ‘being a yes-man, then a no-man’ are not traits leaders need to exhibit. The fact that politics is even playing a part in all of this is beyond me. Along with their dissension, I think the apathy and lack of compassion for others being shown by those in disagreement of decisions made by governing and health officials is just horrible. And yes, I am talking about some of you and myself.

The list of things that scare me about the troubling times we are in could go on. You might have some of your own you could add.

If you will look below, you will see a column called ‘Without Credentials’ written by my 87-year-old father. Raised a Republican, and voted a Republican for many years, the last few years have given him an better insight to government My dad is a Christian first. His words don’t come lightly without a lot of research and thought. A lot of times, over our 50 years together as a father and daughter, and as friends, we have not always agreed on such things.

Yet, today, I chose to print his thoughts – not because I was dared or challenged. I could lose readers, sponsors, and can hear the comments. I had said I would not do anything negative or political, but it is past time.

We need to wake up people, and quit making excuses, and just see what is going on. It has taken a pandemic to wake me up.

It is time for a change … you figure out what change needs to happen – be it in attitudes, lifestyles, trends, governing officials or policy and procedure. But it is time.

Lives are being lost … do we really need more to be lost?

To be in “this together” doesn’t mean you have to become like me or I like you, what it means is … well, you figure it out.

“It” could be as clear as mud or as wet as that raindrop falling feels on your hand – what you ‘see’ is all up to you.

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I Am Scared.

During a Pandemic …

I am scared.

I am scared of the people who support Donald Trump … ‘no matter what.’

I am scared of a governor who says, ‘I don’t give a damn about politics’ … but …

I am scared of people who seem to believe that they can … ‘shoot the virus.’

I am scared of people who go sweat at gyms … and travel the ‘same roads’ I travel.

I am scared of people who can’t wait to get their hair cut … to ‘look better’ in their coffins.

I am scared of the vanity … of people who ‘must’ get their fingernails done.

I am just three years from ‘Ninety’ … to catch the virus … could be my demise.

I had figured out … how to get our ‘groceries’ … now I may starve to death.

I don’t frequent barber shops, beauty shops, nail salons or gyms.

If I did, I would strike those who opened from my list.

My solution- get a group of Facebook … cell phones … outside of barbershops, beauty shops, gyms and nail salons … post pictures of their customers … so we who are at risk will know who to avoid. – JcH

Author: rlhwrites

Curator of prose and such.

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