Feature Story: Quilt-makers become ‘mask’-ed heroes

Mother and Daughter mask-making team, Mary and Hannah, and friend.

Features Writer, The Murphy Gazette

COCHRAN, GEORGIA: Due to the recent crisis of the coronavirus, a local business has really stepped up. Two quilt makers of Cochran have been making face masks for their community in light of the pandemic.

Nominated by several readers of The Murphy Gazette as ‘good neighbors,’ Hannah Patterson, age 40, and her mother Mary, age 62, have turned their family business into a service for their neighbors. Mary, owner of ‘Mary’s Quilts,’ and daughter (and co-worker), Hannah have been sewing masks since March 23, Hannah’s birthday.

A friend had asked for a specially made mask, giving Hannah the idea to make more for her grandparents, and the elderly in local nursing homes. Others had been selling masks for profit, and Hannah saw a need for free, preventative masks.

Hannah and her mother make the masks out of fabric and elastic they already had in stock, and are giving the masks away for free. Since March 23, they have produced about 2,500 masks, making between 100-200 a day.

Hannah, her mother, her children and a friend all pitch in to make the masks … forming an assembly line. So far, they have donated masks to nursing homes, Bleckley County First Responders, and the Trinity Hospitals in Dublin and Eastman, as well as numerous masks given to the citizens of Cochran.

With all her help for her town, Hannah hopes that she’s spreading the message her grandfather taught her: “He told me to always be helpful to neighbors, because you never know when you’re gonna need their help”. The Masked Heroes of Cochran are definitely making his message known.

Hannah also hopes she’s a positive influence on her kids. The mask-crafting team at Mary’s Quilts are not out to make money, but to make friends. Hannah and her family’s efforts have proven how important it is that we all pull together at a time like this. This difficult, scary time is a time to help others, to be with our loved ones, to serve our community.

Hannah and her mother are not charging for the masks, but donations are appreciated. Hannah hopes that her story also gets the message out of how important sewing is. Not just for girls, but boys too. “Sewing is an art form, and can also help with anxiety.”

If you are interested in a mask, you can call them at (478)308-1550 or (478)230-8070 for more information. Mary’s Quilts also make quilts, clothing alterations, and special request masks.

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Author: rlhwrites

Curator of prose and such.

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