We had an ‘outing’ during the pandemic.

Photo by Immortal Shots on Pexels.com

*This was a longer piece written by the other writer at our place, and I liked it, so here it goes. – RLH *

I thank God, regularly, for giving me a curious mind. I was being prepared for an eventual pandemic … like Covid-19 … but didn’t know it.

I am not now or have ever been, bored. I like myself, and being by myself… without being narcissistic.

The three of us, at our place, had an outing yesterday … ‘picking up pine cones and putting them in a basket.’

We made trips to the mailbox. Learned about editable Cana lilies from Google … woke up at 5 a.m., and did some writing … made sugar cookies … from a Googled receipt.

We did other things too… mopped the floors again … washed all our clothes … organized our books … and worked at catching up on our reading.

One of us … played tunes on ‘the piano.’ Our kitchen cabinets are better organized. After vacuuming our carpets again … we went to bed … tired enough to fall asleep.

We did all of these during one of the ‘worst times’ in all of our lives … and no one outside our family was put at risk because of our actions … we awoke refreshed.


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