FEATURE STORY: Senior in high school talks COVID-19

COCHRAN, GEORGIA: Madelyn Fish is supposed to be walking the halls at Bleckley County High School looking toward her last days as a senior.

But instead, Madelyn, like her classmates and other high school seniors across the world, are at home – taking classes online and finding “things to do” without classmates and teachers – other than parents or virtual classes.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has not only impacted the well-being of masses, and many lives have been lost, and economies have taken a downward pull, but the effect on school-aged children and youth has been tremendous.

Madelyn said, “It has caused a major impact on the life I knew before. I never fathomed a time where I couldn’t go to school or work!”

She continued, “I rarely had a day where I didn’t drive through town, but now I have maybe seen our city three times during the quarantine. I moved into my grandparents to help them around the land, and to keep them company during all this, so it has been interesting living in a different environment.”

“I get to see how truly blessed I am to be surrounded by a loving family and community,” Madelyn said.

Of her future after school, Madelyn reflected for a moment. “I am also currently a dual enrollment student at the college and have experience with online courses so it was not too difficult to switch over.”

She said, “I do miss learning in a classroom as I was able to interact more with my fellow classmates and teachers. I never truly realized how much I would miss everyone until now.”

Madelyn stated, “My tip to staying focused on online work is to put the smartphone out of reach, get comfy, and get to work!”

With all the uncertainty and negativity that has surrounded the virus, the question was posed to Madelyn about what a positive would be about the current situation.

She said, “The positivity I find during these times is you can truly see the blessings you have in your life.”

“Times like these make you grateful of the times before and the moments that are to come. This situation can also be used to spend more time with family!”
She said, “I have to miss the moments I have looked forward to since 9th grade such as senior week and the senior walk. The senior walk is one event I looked forward to most. This would have been my chance to walk through the places I have been and see just how far I have come, and how much I have accomplished.”

“I miss seeing my fellow classmates. I believe that is what gets to me most as some of these people I may never see again,” Madelyn stated. “I may never get to have a quick chat or share moments with them again. I won’t get to make those special senior year moments with them.”

She stated, “That saddens me, but it was necessary for the prevention of spreading. If missing out on these moments means underclassmen will get to have them, then I would do it again.”

“Each class deserves a memorable final year in high school…”

Madelyn said, “Within the next year I should have accomplished my bachelor’s degree in nursing from Middle Georgia State University as I am only six to eight classes away from this goal.”

“I then plan on working part time in our community as a nurse while I work towards my master’s degree. With this degree I hope to become a nurse practitioner, and be able to serve my community.”

In offering a piece of encouraging advice, Madelyn quoted Dalai Lama. “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” ***Story Submitted by Rebecca

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