STORY: Couple welcomes second baby

The Cranfords (Cranford Family)

COCHRAN, GEORGIA: Hillary Cranford, age 29, and her husband were excited to find out nine months ago that they would be adding to their family of three.

Then, the coronavirus, COVID-19, started infecting literally masses of people, and still is passing among us worldwide. The loss of lives has been just scary at times. Might as well admit it.

Hillary, a high school social studies teacher, said, when she first started hearing of the virus, “ I was nervous and anxious about what that meant for the future, how would it affect the pregnant and our family.”

In reflecting on the normal check-ups a pregnant woman has to undergo, Hillary said … “not too much changed as far as doctors’ appointments … eventually only one person could go with me … no children … and they took my temperature and asked a few questions before we went into the waiting room.”

She went into labor with their second daughter not too long ago. “(My husband) Kevin went with me and it was all pretty standard. The most extra we had to do was wash our hands before they admitted me. We were there for three days, because I had a c-section, but that’s normal.”

“The pandemic is still there, but life has to continue,” Hillary said. “My thoughts are just mainly about taking as many precautions as possible.”

She said, “I try not to get scared and anxious about the virus, and just enjoy the time I have with my family. I definitely miss my school kids.”

“I haven’t really gone anywhere since it started. I’m working from home and staying with the girls. I ‘Lysol’ everything and everyone, and make sure they wash their hands before playing with the girls,” Hillary said.

She continued,”Kevin still has to work at the base, and as a firefighter so I make sure he is ‘lysoled,’ and washes his hands when he gets home. I’m trying to remain as normal as possible but it can be scary thinking about what’s out there.”

In looking for the good in everything, Hillary reflected on three positives she has experienced during the ‘sheltering in place.’

She said, “The three positives that I have experienced would be time with my family, time to finish my degree and the memories I am making with my girls.” 

Hillary concluded with some encouraging words for others during this time. “No matter what is going on in the world God is in control.”

She finished, “He will never leave you nor forsake you. He also won’t put more on you than you can handle.”    ***Story submitted by Rebecca.

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