Cosmetologist with asthma changes due to COVID-19

Brian Waddell from a Facebook photo dated 2018. Look at that expression.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA:  Brian Waddell, 35, has one of those faces that you won’t forget. He has this gaze in his eyes that tells of a man who has lived through a lot and has many lessons he could teach.

Like when asked what he would tell people as encouragement on how to survive life or at least this sheltering in place due to the coronavirus, Brian was quick with his response.

“Keep on pushing … when you  believe in the Lord, there is nothing that can stop you,” Brian said.

A licensed cosmetologist, Brian said of his career, “Oh, I would say I choose it … it is something I love to do … the best part about my job is helping my clients find happiness with the person in the mirror.” 

When asked how the coronavirus(COVID-19) had impacted him personally and professionally, Brian said, “Not being able to see my clients who I treat like family … they give me joy and keep me going.”

He continued, “I’ve had to change a lot of things since I have severe asthma … I have to go about my day differently now.”

Brian said, “Before I could just get up and go … now I have to wear a mask,  and can’t be around large groups of people, and  not being able to go into the job I love kills me.”

“I am a part of a big shop … things just have to be different now,” he explained.  

Brian, who was recommended by Antonio Simmons for this story, said, “Since the virus came, and things have been shut down, I’ve had to build a salon suite in my house to accommodate my clients on a one on one basis …  so they won’t be in the salon with all my other coworkers ,,, so I am  trying to protect them as well as protect myself from COVID-19.”In spite of all the bad that has come with the virus, Brian said, “There are some good things … there have been an abundance of love offerings to keep me a float from my clients … that just means the world to me, especially when you think no one cares.” – Submitted by Rebecca.

For more information about Brian, email him at Many thanks to Antonio Simmons for recommending Brian as a person for The Murphy Gazette to profile.

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Author: rlhwrites

Curator of prose and such.

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