STORY: He’s not 30 yet, is CEO of own company

Charlie Parks

ATLANTA, GEORGIA: When one of Bleckley County’s native sons, Antonio Simmons saw that The Murphy Gazette was looking for specific people to interview – including small businesses owners, he knew the right person for the task.

And he was right when he recommended Middle Georgia College alum Charlie Parks, 28. A freelance photographer and videographer, Charlie started his own company, VisionsbyLegit – which is a marketing and branding business.

He said, “I just got fed up with my job, and quit. I got out my old camera, and started doing some stuff on YouTube … I was making videos and pictures of clothes to market …” And for Charlie things just went from there as he has moved to producing videos, marketing for businesses and much more.

In the middle of the chaos that has surrounded the world – the coronavirus (COVID-19), Charlie said that it is very important to “document everything … family events, gatherings, your lives, businesses … you never know if you will see some of these people again right now …”

His own business has been impacted like others. “Revenue goes up and down … I  think the impact has been both good, and bad obviously …”

Charlie said, “It has helped me to grow, and start looking into and learning avenues of the businesses that I have been putting off … now, I have the time to get into it … so I am learning to adjust.”

“I am one of those who embraces adaptability,” he laughed.

Charlie explained, “I always try to be the best person I can be … I always try to learn new things … I read a lot of books, listen to a lot of talks and just try to not overthink things … always striving to get better.”

Charlie and his fiance are planning on getting married in October. When asked if the social distancing and all had an effect on the wedding plans, Charlie laughed. “I am a little hesitant to put the deposits down.”

Every day, Charlie said, “I just get up and say thank you.”

“My dad is an old school … and he says things differently than we do … he told me, you know, this is different and he has always told me to stay prepared,” he continued.

In offering encouragement to others, Charlie said, “I have this saying, it is all or nothing … If you are going to be a firefighter or a nurse or whatever it is you are going to be … give it your all. You can’t do anything halfway and expect good results.”

To find out more about Charlie’s business, check out our Business Directory page and look for VisionsbyLegit.  – submitted by Rebecca.

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