Story: Bleckley senior selected as state FBLA officer

Maisilyn ‘Maisi’ Corbin has discovered what the old cliche means ‘It is time to make the donuts …” -literally.

Maisi, who will be a senior at Bleckley County High School as a member of the class of 2021, is an employee of Daylight Donuts, LLC in Cochran. “This is basically THE best job ever. I wake up and go to work early in the morning, but I get off at 12 pm. So I have the rest of the day to do whatever I need or want to do!”

And not to mention the donuts.

She is no stranger to work – she has helped her mom, Dani, out at Needle n/a Haystack and her step-dad, Rob, out at Dykes Pharmacy.  Her parents are Rob and Dani Dykes, and Maisi added, “My dad, Andrew, and my step-mom, Charlsie, live in Coweta Co.”

“I have six siblings … Ashlynne, Wilson, Oliver and Walker are here in Cochran with my mom and step-dad, and  Aiden and Max live with my dad and step-mom.” 

At school, Maisi is involved in many activities. Along with Olivia Williams, she is the president of the Bleckley County High School chapter of the Future Business Leaders of America, and she is vice-president of the Beta Club. “I play tennis and participate in One Act, and am a part of the First Baptist Church of Cochran’s youth band as well.”

In her free-time, Maisi said, I like to swim, hang out with my little brothers and my puppy, bake, play tennis, and shoot archery!”

A big accomplishment for her this year has been being selected as a state officer for the Georgia Future Business Leaders of America chapter.

“I had a lot of reasons to run,” she said. “First, I am very social, and I like to meet new people and learn about them. By becoming a state officer, I was hoping to get to meet people from across the state.”

Maisi added, “Secondly, I wanted to help grow the organization that helped change me as a leader in my own school … and three, l,  as someone with Type One Diabetes for 12 years, I would like  for young children and teens with diabetes to look up to and say ‘Hey, look at her!’ ‘She is not held back by her diagnosis.’”

“Because I feel like there isn’t a lot of media representation, or representation in general of people with Type One Diabetes. Most of the time it’s just commercials for a new oral medication for Type Two Diabetes or a movie with a good punch line about diabetes.”
“So, basically, I want people to see that diabetes doesn’t hold you back and to show kids that they are someone too, whether they have a working pancreas or not,” Maisi said.

“Fourthly, after seeing how the organization was run as a chapter from a small school, I felt that as a state chapter, there could be several things that could be changed or implemented to improve stuff for the little guys too…not just the big schools like the ones in Atlanta.”

“Last year (2019), I applied for state office, but was immediately rejected since I did not have an impressive resume of accomplishments. It was kind of upsetting, but I decided to work harder throughout 2019 and reapply in 2020,” Maisi said.

She said, “This year, I actually made it to state officer qualifying …(there are basically three rounds of becoming an officer, and you can be eliminated after any round if you do not score high enough) ,,, one is filling out an application, two is state office qualifying and three is state wide elections.”

“I went and did my best and made it to the next round! I was super surprised, and felt honored just to be considered an official candidate.”

Maisi continued, “State was only one month away, and I had to prepare a booth with a campaign theme, giveaway item, flyer, and a tri-fold. I was pretty much prepared except for a few finishing touches on my trifold.”

“I also had my sister, Ashlynne, as my campaign manager. She helped me write my speech and do all the designing,” she said, adding, “Then the COVID pandemic became an issue, and our conference was cancelled …which meant our state campaign would be completely different (and I was stuck with 15 pounds of mini Milky-Ways to dispose of, since our campaign giveaway would not be happening) … after this, our campaign was based online.”

Maisi said, “We had to do our flyer, platform, information and speech online. For some people, this might have been a good thing, but I am a very social person, and I like to talk, and get to know people, and it’s hard to do that when you’re not in contact with them, but I managed.”

“Everything was easy except for my speech, which you would think would be the easiest. My sister helped me film it. So it was basically me talking really loud and  energetically at a camera and my sister. The two minute speech took over an hour to film,” she laughed.

“After all the stuff was uploaded, I could breathe knowing that it was out of my hands at that point… about a month later, I was sitting at my desk, messaging one of my friends who was also running for state. We were literally counting down the minutes until they posted the results on Twitter.”

She paused, then explained. “When I refreshed, there was the list of names of those who were elected as the  2020-2021 state officer team. When I read through I came to ‘Southwest Area Vice President’ … and beside it was my name Maisilyn Corbin.”

When asked if she could come up with a quote or piece of advice for others on life, Maisi said, “Don’t let anyone or anything hold you back … including yourself. Just do what you think is best for you!”  – Submitted by Rebecca.

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