Q&A with Lori VanNorman

Lori VanNorman

GRAY, GEORGIA:  Lori VanNorman ,age 41, is a Cochran native, and is currently a master cosmetologist in Gray.

THE MURPHY GAZETTE:  Did you choose your career or your career choose you?

LORI VANNORMAN: I’ve always had an interest in this career from a young age. I care about helping people and making an impact and this career allows me to do that.

THE MURPHY GAZETTE: Best part of your job?

LORI VANNORMAN:  I find satisfaction in the fact that I’m doing what I love to do every day. I’m helping others look and feel their best, and I’m able to support my family financially in an industry that will always be in high demand. 

THE MURPHY GAZETTE: The COVID-19 has impacted us all – not just with our health, and of course, the loss of lives, but economically – how has it impacted you?

LORI VANNORMAN: It has been terrifying. It really is very scary to be looking at no income. It put me, a lot of other stylists, and a lot of the beauty industry in a really uncomfortable situation. The fear of the unknown. Would we have food, a home, and a job to return to?

THE MURPHY GAZETTE: What are some of the changes you have made in your daily life and routines as a result of the virus?

LORI VANNORMAN:  Self reflection. Homeschooling a 6th grader. Helping a sophomore in college with online classes. Spending more time together. Prayer. A lot of prayer.

THE MURPHY GAZETTE:  What good has happened to you – spiritually, emotionally, physically – during all of this?

LORI VANNORMAN:  Definitely the self reflection. I have had time to sit back and analyze things that are working, things that aren’t. How to make my life more productive spiritually, for my family, and for my business.

THE MURPHY GAZETTE: What changes will you make in your career from this point on until the virus is gone and after it’s gone?

LORI VANNORMAN: Salons are definitely not the way they were before the pandemic. Although we practiced strict disinfection and sanitizing, the process has become much more complex. It’s the closest thing to working in the medical field but in a salon setting. Servicing one client at a time. Decreasing the amount of clients I see in a given day. Sanitize, sanitize, sanitize! 

THE MURPHY GAZETTE: What words of ‘wisdom’ would you share with others to encourage them in this journey?

LORI VANNORMAN:  It’s ok to scream. It’s ok to cry. But DON’T GIVE UP! 

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