Feature Story: Folks talk about things they used to do

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GEORGIA, TEXAS: If anything good can be said to come out of all of this sheltering in place or isolating from the coronavirus (COVID-19), sharing stories could be it.

Family members have spent a lot of time talking, laughing and remembering with each other over the last nine to 10 weeks. Or at least mine have, and I know several of you have said the same.

So, the question was posted on Facebook for The Murphy Gazette readers. “What did you love doing as a child that you don’t do anymore?”

Melanie J. Collins said with a smile, “Taking naps.”

Donny Screws said, “Roaming the woods for miles and miles.”

“Climbing trees, riding bikes, running barefoot and playing in the woods,” said Denise Goodman Shepherd.

Joy Carroll said, “Climbing trees and sitting the tree, reading books. I don’t do this anymore because I discovered spiders live in the trees.”

“Reading … because it went from something fun to do to homework,” Greg Killeen stated.

“I used to roller skate every Saturday all the way through high school,” Gayle Sapp said, adding that with the potental of knee replacements, she doesn’t think she can do that now.

April Warren said, “Making mud pies decorated with berries.”

Tracy Holder said, “Climbing trees.”

“Riding my bike … I tried an adult bike a few years ago, but my knees couldn’t take it,” Lynn Lister said.

Lisa W. Bright said, “Taking a bucket and minnow net and catching crawdads and tadpoles in little runoffs and creeks.”

“Chasing girls around the playground … If I did that now, my wife would not be too happy,” Samuel Thompson smiled as he reflected.

Carol Bryant Lopez said, “Skating …I don’t see how the kids and teens around here have survived without the skating rink… that’s all we did growing up on Friday and Saturday nights.”

“Playing barefoot outside … I don’t go barefoot outside anymore.”

Tammy Butterworth reflected, “Many things … living in a small town in a neighborhood with lots of friends … we’d play kick ball or just about any ball (kick ball was my favorite), ride bikes, jump on someone’s trampoline, or even chase down the ice cream truck. The skating rink on Friday and Saturday … going barefoot just about everywhere too … all. of these are things of the past due to I think I’m too old … I might break something/ And of course the ice cream truck doesn’t exist anymore that I’m aware of. Oh, the memories though!”

Sharon Standridge smiled, “Swing … can’t now, my backside is too big.”

Stephanie A. Ferro said, “Twirling as fast as I could for as long as I could … the dizziness is no longer enjoyable.”

“Drawing and painting …” Carla Coley remembered.

Laura H. Barrett said, “Riding roller coasters and watching scary movies … I just can’t do either one any longer. But, as a kid, I loved them!”

“Roller-skating and horseback riding,” Gina A. Sanders added.

Scarlett Driggers said, “Love to watch for the stars to appear in the night sky … one by one.”

“Ride horses … because I don’t have any,” Sasha Edge said.

Cheryl L. Turk said, “Played in my granddad’s bird dog houses as if they were our playhouse … using old liquor bottles as our tea set.”

“I grew up in Brooklyn … we jumped a lot of rope … especially double dutch …Don’t see that hardly anymore … good old-fashioned monkey bars …” Roxanne M. Harrell said.

Bill Baldwin said, “Water-skiing … I just don’t have the balance or coordination anymore.”

“Traveling to see my great-grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents in Missouri … then going to see my other family in Illinois … we would skip rocks on the Ohio River, walk to the post office to get mail, play in the tire swing … fishing and just enjoy simple things. Money gets in the way of a lot of things,” Rhonda Fairfield Davis said.

Jill Edelman said, “Writing poetry.”

“Skating … the rink closed … I would probably break something if I did it now, “ Sonya Allen stated.

Sandy F. Jarrett said, “Turned flips on the monkey bars on my swing set.”

“Fishing at the branch behind my granny’s house, “ Kim Hanna said.

Zina Eve concluded, “Playing ball with friends in the neighborhood.”

Somethings we can’t do now … money, life changes, physical limits and such do influence the things we do, that is for sure … But sharing stories of those times we can do.

Share your story today! You might find you have something in common with your neighbors. – Staff Writers, The Murphy Gazette

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