LIFESTYLE STORY: Senior finds herself during isolation

Channya Hawkins

COCHRAN, GEORGIA: Channya Hawkins, age 18, portrays a determined, poised young woman in her photos on her social media pages. Her character seems to just jump off the page.

And her family and friends attest that is who she is in “real life.”

Channya probably would just shrug off any compliments – her friends she is pretty humble.

The recent senior at Bleckley County High School will be attending Valdosta State University in the fall.

Her plans for the future, she said, “were to do teenage things like go to prom, do powder puff, go to soccer games and go to college for business administration.”

But Channya’s last year of high school was interrupted by the coronavirus (COVID-19).

“COVID-19 has made me grow … I think. Now that I am out of school, and have I have been out for two months … I have had a lot of time to work on myself, and do my own things,” Channya said.

“School is very stressful … especially your senior year … but with this time off, I was able to get back into some things I’ve always liked doing … like art and writing.”

She said, “COVID-19 has impacted my life as a high school student immensely …. I am not going to say is has completely ruined my senior year … but it did take the excitement out of it.”

“No senior breakfast or senior walk-thru, but we still get a graduation and a prom … so I am very grateful.”

Channya continued, “ I have learned a lot from social distancing and sheltering in place … like you don’t need to be at someone’s house to have fun. I usually play video games with my friends online now, and talk on the phone a lot … and I still have the same amount of fun as if I was was them.”

She said, “Honestly, I don’t really miss school that much … My senior year was not the best, but I do miss my business communications teacher and my anatomy teacher … even though I don’t like anatomy … and I miss a few of my classmates.”

“But I still see everyone at work sometimes … so it is cool,” Channya said.

In looking at ways to stay encouraged, Channya said, “I’m mainly staying encouraged by talking to my friends.”

“I have made a few adjustments … I work a lot now, but that doesn’t bother me. Since I am home a lot more now … I cook a lot … I have been working out and dieting.”

She continued, “I have been drawing and painting and watching a lot of television, and playing a lot of video games.”

In offering words of encouragement for others during this time, Channya thought. “Find something to keep yourself busy during this time … get back into a hobby or find a new hobby.”

She added, “Do something positive that makes you happy, and feel good.” – Story submitted by Rebecca.

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