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TEXAS, ALABAMA, GEORGIA: During times like these … when we are stuck at home, and not sure what is ahead in our futures, and then we hear of new, crazy things happening daily, sometimes, we think about running away to another place.

OK, well, maybe you have not. I have. And some of “my friends” have too.

If you could move anywhere or visit anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Johnna Jackson said “Washington State or Colorado.” She is a runner by the way – marathons and 5Ks. Angel Golden said “Montana.” She loves horses.

Rhonda Davis said, “France, and just because I would love to have things to do, and places to go. I could go to places I have never been.”

“Anywhere by water is my happy place,” Theresa Crowder stated. Ashleigh Upshaw said, “Tennessee.” Pam Cavannah said she wouldn’t mind going to Tennessee too. Denise Shepherd said, “The north Georgia mountains in a cabin that is big enough for my whole family to stay in.”

Joe Alligood said, “I am happy where I am, but sometimes, I do think about my hometown, and what it would have been if I had remained there (Cochran, Georgia) … a great place to grow up in especially when you know most everyone in the community.”

“Surfside Beach, Texas … because it is soooo peaceful,” Dana Parks said.

Ginger Goslin Martin is a published author – which is why her answer made perfect sense. “Everywhere … a few days at the time.”

Sandy Jarrett said, “In the mountains by water … river or lake … but several lots away from other houses.”

“North Carolina,” is where Peggy Peacock and Gerry Holland would go.

Christy Holland Collins said, “I’d have a house boat, and travel the inter coastal loop … about eight to 12 months … and become a ‘looper’ for a while. And then, I would want to move to Sundance, Utah, and be neighbors with my good friend, Bobby.”

Leslie Queen said, “I am going to be a straight beach bum in five years … because that is my happy place and soul soother.”

Karen Lane said, “My husband says Alaska, and I say a tropical island.”

“Tennessee … in the mountains … in a log cabin with a stream nearby,” Wanda Earwood said.

Bobbie Duke stated, “I like the beach … but then the smell gets to me after a bit … I think the mountains are beautiful … but I truly Madisonville (Texas). I will live here, and visit the other places.”

Cheryl Turk said, “Off the grid in the mountains.” Tori Belflower said, “Me and the kid would be living in Ireland.”

Toby McDonald said, “On a farm with acreage so I can have all the animals I want, and not have any close neighbors.”

What about you. Where would you want to travel to or moved to? Comment below or comment on the link on our Facebook or Twitter page. – Story Submitted by Staff Writers.

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