LIFESTYLE STORY: Readers share favorite TV binges

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Texas, Illinois, Georgia: Binge-watching a television show or live-streaming videos has become the norm as of late. It only makes sense to do that, right? There is not a lot else to do.

The Murphy Gazette posted a poll … and readers responded. What television series are you watching now?

Melanie Collins said, “Bull, All Rise … I see a trend with court shows … and Survivor … I’ve watched it every season since it started.”

Joe Alligood said, “The Mystery of Oak Island.”

Denise Shepherd said, “Too many to say.”

“Killing Eve … because it is soooo good, “Laura Barrett commented.

Scarlett S. Latham said, “Call the Midwife, because, well, it is what I do … and NCIS because I love Mark Harmon.” She laughed.

April Warren said, “The Office and The Crown … very different, but both are well made.”

“Better Call Saul … because I loved Breaking Bad, and some of the same characters are on it too,” Debra K. Daniel said.

Tim Allen stated, “All of the NCIS shoes, and Macgyver.”

Pam Pruett said, “Homeland … I hate the language … but it is a great storyline.”

“All of the NCIS and SWAT and MacGyver,” Karen Lane said.

Melissa Kuiper said, with a smile, “None.”

What are you watching? Share in the comments. – Story Submitted by Staff Writers.

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