An education junkie from Hawkinsville

Lisa Bright

HAWKINSVILLE, GEORGIA: Lisa Bright, age 41, calls herself an “education junkie. I love to learn I have a bachelors, masers and a doctorate of education.”

She said, “I would say that God led me to my career. I wanted to be a veterinarian my whole childhood, and up until my second year of college.”

“Then I realized that I wasn’t tough enough to do all the things a vet would have to do without crying along with my patients.” Lisa stated. “I felt that God was leading me into education.”

She continued, “I had many teachers tell me through the years that I would be a great teacher, but I would tell them that teaching would be the last career I would ever choose. I taught first grade for four years and fourth grade for two.”

“I then became a reading EIP teacher which I have been for the past 13 years. Working with struggling students is definitely my calling. Next year will be start my 20th year in education,” Lisa continued.

Married for 18 years to her husband, William, Lisa is the proud mom of Sunny, age 14, Reece, age nine and Chase, age seven. Reece was diagnosed a year ago as a type one diabetic.

When she is not teaching, the Cochran native has a few favorite pastimes. “Reading is my favorite. I’ve been an avid reader since middle school. I hardly ever watch TV … I would rather read any day. I also discovered a love for kayaking about three years ago. I love to be on the water.”

Lisa said, “My dream is to open a kayaking/outfitter business to share the love.” She also dabbles in a few side businesses. She laughed, “I am hardly ever successful in the direct sales businesses.”

In reflecting on how the coronavirus had impacted her life, Lisa said, “We now stay home more, and spend more time together as a family.”

“I was tricky for a while before school ended … Sharing devices, and zooming while having to keep house, and cook was exhausting.”

Lisa said, “Although I don’t like the fear and worry, especially since I have an immune compromised child, our family needed this time to just be still.”

She added, “I try not to think about what will change next year. We don’t know what school will look like yet or what pay cuts are going to come. So many things are up in the air.”

When asked if she could come up with an inspirational quote to encourage others, Lisa concluded, “Life has taught me that you never know what’s going to happen, and you are always stronger than you think. God is great, and having a support system of friends and family is essential.”

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