Series Interview: Getting to know Hawkinsville author

Ginger Goslin Martin

*Part One In A Two Part Interview with Ginger Goslin Martin who writes under the name of Clare Cinnamon.

HAWKINSVILLE: Author Ginger Goslin-Martin, aka Clare Cinnamon, said writing began as a “compulsion … and it didn’t feel like a choice. I wrote my first book at age four before I knew how to physically write by narrating to an adult like,‘Hey, please get a pen and paper. You must write this down!’”

She continued, “I wrote every spare moment during grade school (and a lot during class). In adulthood, as a stay-at-home mom, I wrote one to two hours a day, but at times I’ve written six to 20 hours a day. At some point, I looked at my husband and said, ‘Huh. I can’t call this a hobby!’ Yet, I knew it wasn’t since childhood … just waiting on the right time to move forward.”

Goslin-Martin, age 46, has been married to her husband, Christopher, for 25 years, and is the proud mom of son, Grantson Martin, age 24, and daughter, Wellsley Martin, age 22. She holds her bachelor degree in business management and psychology.

Below you will find part one of the two part question and answer session between Goslin-Martin and Becky Holland of The Murphy Gazette.

Becky Holland: When did you first fall in love with books?

Ginger Goslin-Martin: Good question… My parents read to me beginning in babyhood and I don’t remember life before books. I read something daily as a child including encyclopedias, almanacs, atlases,music lyrics, and cookbooks. However, I fell in love with the use of words (like underlining, highlighting, phraseology) more than reading. In seventh grade, my aunt who is an English teacher gave me ‘Little Women’ for Christmas. I never finished long books during that time because I preferred writing. I made a vow to finish it, and when I did, I made another vow that I would hold my own novel in my hand one day.

Becky Holland: What book influenced you the most?

Ginger Goslin-Martin: Very tough to say. Certain passages in the Bible, for sure, as far as life skills and relating to people.Literary-wise, I’m not a pure romance writer now and never was, but I did write romances before I ever read a romance. When I wrote ‘Lainey Cash,’ I’d only started and finished reading books assigned by teachers in grade school or college. My top two from school were ’Great Gatsby’ and ‘Wuthering Heights.’

The best writing I’ve read is in ‘The Scarlet Letter’ or ‘Gone With the Wind,’ however, I started writing many books of my own before I read either of them.I’m enthralled with books about the universe, energy, and the mind, too (psych major). I like anything by Ralph Waldo Trine (what a pen), plus ‘Hardwiring Happiness,’ and ‘The Biology of Belief.’ I don’t care for science fiction or fantasy at all and threw ‘Harry Potter’ across the room 2/3 of the way in (Ha, Ha!) I read ‘Twilight’ (just book one), ‘Outlander’ (book one and part of two) and ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’ for the same reason I picked up ‘Harry Potter.’ Most of my books had long been written, but I
certainly felt the need to appreciate what people enjoy reading since I have decided to make this writing thing more than a hobby! Problem is, reading takes away from writing time. A writer reads one good (or bad) line and goes, Oh gosh, give me a pen!

Funny thing too, Halloween is my favorite day of the year. Last year while my husband Christopher and I were dressing in costume, I confessed that I wanted to write something out of the box for me! He asked, “Why haven’t you written about Halloween?” Lo and behold, the woman who dislikes sci-fi/fantasy (and I’ve never read one from start to finish) has now started an entire time travel romance series related to holidays (six books). The first of those will be out in time for this Halloween 2020, ‘RETURN.’

(To Be Continued in Next Post)

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