Series Story: A little more from Hawkinsville author

*Part Two In A Two Part Interview with Ginger Goslin Martin who writes under the name of Clare Cinnamon.

HAWKINSVILLE: Author Ginger Goslin-Martin, aka Clare Cinnamon, and Becky Holland continue with part two of their Q&A

Becky Holland: When did you first start writing your first book?

Ginger Goslin-Martin: If you refer to my first published romance/suspense novel “Lainey Cash,” I woke on the morning of July 12, 2000 around 6 a.m. in a writing frenzy to get it on paper. I am a pantser (write by the seat of my pants), not a plotter (I don’t plan books; they appear in my mind fully written and I rush to get them down). Eight days later (writing 12-20 hours a day), all of “Lainey Cash” Book 1 and most of “Lainey and Jed” Book 2 was written. By October 2000, the trilogy was finished. “Lainey Cash” was not my first book, but it was the first book I totally finished writing before picking up or putting down another project. For a writer, that’s a big accomplishment usually! I wrote five novels before “Lainey Cash” (got to the 100-150 page mark) unfinished from 1993-1995 and have since finished those! I wrote and finished eight novels after the “Lainey Cash” trilogy from 2001-2004.

Becky Holland: What inspired you to write the romance novels? Is that the genre you chose? Or did it choose your writing?

Ginger Goslin-Martin:If I’ve been inspired -per say- to write romance, it’s buried deep in my subconscious. All I can say about romance is that I did have inspiring role models in my parents and grandparents and I’ve lived a beautiful love story with my husband. However, writing of all kinds came to me way before I understood or experienced all of that romance as a reflective adult. Again, writing was a compulsion. poetry, songs, one-liners like quotes, historical accounts, biographical jots, travel blogs, etc. depending on my phase. I don’t plan stories or look at certain books and say, ‘I want to write about that or I want to write like that.’ I wake up, the story is there, and I must get it down.

I primarily write romance/suspense combos since 1995 and I’m just as fascinated by the suspense parts. Psychology is of greatest interest to me, besides writing, so I guess my style of writing truly explores the highs and lows of human emotion. My husband can tell what kind of chapter I’m in by my expressions. He thinks it’s crazy-hilarious the way I happily announce, “Someone passed away today…” rubbing my palms.

I once told someone who asked me what I prefer to write about- If I could only write about cardboard boxes for the rest of my life, I’d be content. I can think of 100s of ways to write about a box, and, dang it, I’ll make you want to read it.

Becky Holland: How long did it take you to write it?

Ginger Goslin-Martin:
I wrote “Lainey Cash” Book 1, July 12-20, 2000, writing 12-20 hours/day. Interesting tidbit: When I pulled out all my novels in 2017 to begin the publishing process, “Lainey Cash” was a frozen piece of history. No Smartphones, no wi-fi. I updated it to include technology because in some ways, it didn’t exactly make sense anymore, but I kept the original. One day, I might publish the Year 2000 “Lainey Cash” version. All three books came consecutively to my mind as Delaina’s story, so I kept writing after the first. Both “Lainey Cash” and “Lainey and Jed” were done within a few weeks.

I wrote “Delaina” Book 3 as soon as I finished Book 1 and Book 2. The trilogy was complete and edited by me by October 2000. “Delaina” Book 3 is coming out during 2020 as well as “Sunshine and Lev.” S&L is the next novel Iwrote and finished after the trilogy from January-March 2001 and I’m offering it as single book as a sort of consolation prize to readers while they wait on “Delaina” Book 3. Book 3 of the “Lainey Cash” trilogy was scheduled for August 2020, but with Covid-19, my publisher is encouraging me to wait because the response to the first two has been overwhelming. It would be a shame not to publicly promote the books more before the third one comes out. Looking like November for “Delaina.” According to my beta readers, “Sunshine and Lev” is a nice consolation prize. They are nothing alike, but it is romance/suspense and set in the South.

“RETURN,” a time travel romance comes out in September 2020. So, it will also be out before “Delaina.” I wrote it last year 2019 during the month of November. I’ve now written and finished about 20 novels (started dozens more) since 1993 that warrant publication. My publisher and I have a calendar to get them out in the next five years or so.

Becky Holland: Where can people purchase your books?

Ginger Goslin-Martin:
Amazon and Barnes & Noble have print and eBook available. Locally, Jodi’s in Hawkinsville and Cochran is carrying my books. I had a lot of book signings and book fairs scheduled around the country before Covid-19. We’ll get there!

Becky Holland: What advice would you give other writers?

Ginger Goslin-Martin:
Not to take advice! A true writer knows deep within the heart and mind. Let it flow and it will show.More practically speaking, if other writers are actually interested in how I got beyond writing to publishing: I knew I wanted my own books in my hand by seventh grade.”Lainey Cash” was the first time I finished one and said, ‘This one will go first.’ I was 26.

Writing can be very personal. It was for me for a long time and I didn’t really know why. So, if you’re a writer, you have to feel comfortable in that. I was a stay-at-home mom with a 2 and 4 year-old when I finished the trilogy. That was before eBooks and sophisticated technology (hard to believe in today’s world I’ve never met my publisher). I would’ve been leaving my family and going to New York (I did get invited and it was such a pain back then to mail off manuscripts to a city I’d yet to visit).

Not worth it to pawn myself on a budget and leave my family, and I wasn’t completely ready to embrace the author life. When I heard from a publishing house back then in a favorable way, I retreated like Ack! I made yet another pact with myself, ‘I’ll get there. Right now, I want to be a mom.’ So, I kept on writing in my spare time (which was quite rare) during their childhood. As soon as they were grown, hubby and I looked at each other and said, Yep! Now! He’s my biggest fan with the patience of Job. He was so ready to see my books come out because I’d been reading to him for years.

Perfect timing, as life in hindsight always is! I’m totally comfortable in my skin now and went with a semi independent style publisher. I do my own editing and covers (although they have both available to me at all times), and after I earned my stripes with “Lainey Cash,” they let me decide most things. I’m older; I’ve traveled a lot around the world; I don’t have to pay bills with this. It’s passion, it’s creativity; it’s fun; every story of mine is real to me, so I like doing it my way. I look back and it was all worth it to trust my instinct and not force the process long ago. We are living the life! That’s when you know it’s right.

For young writers, I will say, the best thing I plucked to use in my skill was ‘Write what you know.’ If you haven’t been to Italy, don’t write about Italy. You do know about A LOT of things because you’re human and every facet of life can be written well.

Becky Holland: What is ahead for you in your future?

Ginger Goslin-Martin: Books, books, and more books. Let’s face it. Yes, I was writing all that time way back when, but I’ve waited twenty years for this (or 40, lol). I’m in a selfish stage for the first time. I took care of everyone else, did enough volunteer hours that I could’ve been working full time, and enjoyed it all. Right now, I’m cramming 16 hours into my writing/work days and couldn’t be happier.

Apart from writing, our son is getting married next year and our daughter just graduated college. They are the greatest humans ever 😉 and I get a kick out of the empty nest, watching them decide and thrive. Husband semi-retired last year at 44 and is my main help with books. Plus, we made a pact to travel even more, our favorite hobby. We will see as much of the
world as we can and carry my books along, (strategic trips) now.

Becky Holland: What type of encouragement could you give others with everything going on today?

Ginger Goslin-Martin:
Tomorrow doesn’t exist. Hubby had cancer at age 30 and a heart attack at 40. You’re as strong as you choose to be. It doesn’t matter what kind of times we are living in, I squeeze the juice out of every day and find the good. I know without doubt, everything is patterned for our good, even when it seems bad. I also favor the phrase, Kindness never goes out of style. Living passionately and being kind,that’s the life.

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